Marc Rebillet Wife: Is He Married To Margaret Burgau? Age And Net Worth

Marc Rebillet wife and net worth

The subject of Marc Rebillet Wife and dating life again began trending into the web after surprising disclosures on his latest relationship status. Is He Married To Margaret Burgau? Let’s find out. 

Marc Rebillet shot to fame as a YouTube personality and music producer who performs in experimental, electronic, rhythm, and blues genres.

The American YouTuber and musician earned viewers and recognition doing his live singing streams with comedy skits. 

The fun-loving guy has influenced young audiences who want some exciting variation in music. He loves to hang out and party with his close circle during leisure. 

Fans love Marc for his humorous personality and eagerness to engage in the music uniquely. 

Rebillet has gained a massive following on various social media platforms. He has gained a whopping 2.13 million subscribers on YouTube as of 2024. 

The New York-based musician has 1.7 million followers on Instagram and 491.7 Thousand followers on Twitter. 

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Meet Marc Rebillet Wife: Is He Married To Margaret Burgau?

American YouTube star Marc Rebillet is not married as of 2024. The musician’s romantic relationship has somehow been kept hidden from the public’s eye.

Likewise, Marc has been linked with some big-name celebs earlier, but reports suggest he has been dating only a single woman since 2013. He is in a romantic relationship with his longtime girlfriend Margaret Burgau.

The two have been dating for more than ten years now. Currently, he has not tied the knot with his decade-long partner Burgau.

Marc Rebillet girlfriend
YouTube music star Marc Rebillet during an L.A. concert. (Source: Twitter)

Reports suggested by online outlets suggest that YouTube star Rebillet met Burgau because of their love for music. The romantic duo performed live in numerous pubs earlier. 

Rebillet expressed his feelings for Burgau on a very romantic day, Valentine’s Day, in 2014. The love of his life accepted his proposal, and has been together ever since.

On 14 February 2014, the musician publicly announced his relationship via Instagram. Unfortunately, the lovely couple has kept their dating life away from the media limelight. 

According to rumors, Rebillet and Burgau reside in New York City, New York suburb. 

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Marc Rebillet Age And Net Worth

American YouTuber and musician Marc Rebillet joined the YouTube platform on 13 November 2006. Eventually, he became the world’s most exciting music personality, releasing unique and exciting electronic music

According to the Marriedceleb page, Marc was born on 15 December 1988 to Gilbert Rebillet and Susan Rebillet. He is 35 years old as of 2024.

Marc Rebillet net worth
Famous YouTube personality Marc Rebillet’s net worth is $1 Million. (Source: Nicki Swift)

According to sources, Talented American YouTuber Marc Rebillet’s net worth is $1 million. He earned the majority of his fortune from his music and YouTube career.

His main source of earnings is via social media platforms, live concerts, and musical tours. His official YouTube channel has garnered over 185 million views with 2.13 million subscribers. 

Rebillet earns from $1,699 to $26,000 monthly from YouTube. His YouTube income varies from $19,500 to $311,500 per annum. 

From his music engagement, Marc makes at least $90 Thousand annually. He has released three solo albums, including Marc Rebillet, Europe, and Loop Daddy III. 

His eagerness to participate in the videos and his goto personality made him a fan favorite. 

Rebillet’s remarkable music has helped him earn an impressive salary, and his career choice worked well as he received international recognition through his videos. 

However, the YouTuber doesn’t like flexing his wealth. Seeing Rebillet’s dedication, his wealth might grow in the coming days.

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