Why Did Sam And Colby Get Arrested? Case Details And Wiki

Sam and Colby

Why Did Sam And Colby Get Arrested? Case Details: Exploring the arrest incident of popular YouTubers and delving into the details of their case and their influential online presence.

Sam and Colby, also known by their real names Samuel John “Sam” Golbach and Cole Robert “Colby” Brock, are two American YouTubers who gained popularity through their online content.

They initially started their YouTube journey with Vines and have been creating videos since October 2014, when they established their channel together. Their first video was uploaded on November 13, 2014.

Over the years, Sam and Colby have gained a substantial following on YouTube, primarily for their challenge videos and skits. However, since 2020, they have mainly focused on creating the Overnight Series and Exploration Series, where they document their adventures in exploring abandoned and eerie locations.

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Why Did Sam and Colby Get Arrested?

Sam and Colby faced arrest on January 16, 2019, during the filming of a video at an abandoned school building near Hillsborough County, Florida. Without obtaining permission or a permit, they decided to enter the property by hopping the fence.

Unfortunately, a vigilant neighbor witnessed their actions and promptly notified the police, leading to their arrest. They were taken to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.

The news of their arrest quickly spread on social media platforms, and their mugshots went viral on Twitter. Concerned fans initiated a petition urging the police to release them, and the hashtag #FreeSamandColby started trending.

Why Did Sam and Colby Get Arrested?
Mugshot of the YouTubers, Sam, and Colby (Source: PKB News)

The support and worry from their fans were evident, with messages cautioning against harassing the police station and expressing solidarity with the duo.

Fortunately, the YouTubers  were released the following day, January 17, 2019. They took to Twitter to reassure their fans of their safety and express gratitude for the support they received.

They also reflected on the incident, referring to it as a “blessing in disguise” that prompted them to reevaluate their content creation methods and make positive changes to their channel.

Sam and Colby Case Details

Sam and Colby were charged with trespassing in a building that was under construction at the time of their arrest. While their arrest generated significant attention due to their status as YouTube stars, it remains their only known encounter with the law.

The incident compelled them to adopt a more cautious approach when entering restricted or fenced-off areas, and they enlisted the expertise of a new team to ensure the safety and legality of their explorations.

Sam and Colby case
Sam and Colby reacted to their memes of themselves after their arrest. (Source: YouTube)

Despite the incident, internet personalities have continued to pursue their careers as YouTubers, dedicating themselves to creating engaging and meaningful content.

They have since avoided any further legal troubles and have grown more focused on their YouTube channel, striving to entertain and captivate their audience with their adventures.

Sam and Colby Wiki

Sam and Colby, born Samuel John Golbach on November 27, 1996, and Cole Robert Brock on January 2, 1997, respectively, are American YouTube creators known for their exploration and comedy content.

They hail from Overland Park, Kansas, and attended Blue Valley High School. Initially, they gained popularity on the now-defunct app Vine, where they posted comedic videos, including the “Following Fat People” series and the “Public Disturbance” series.

On their YouTube channel, which they created on October 28, 2014, the duo initially focused on comedy and challenge videos. However, as of 2020, they have shifted their content primarily to the Overnight Series and Exploration Series.

These series involve documenting their experiences in various abandoned locations and exploring eerie and haunted sites.

In addition to their YouTube endeavors, Samuel and Cole have also created characters named Samantha and Colleen, who have appeared in several of their videos. These characters, portrayed as ditsy and overdramatic girls, add an entertaining element to their content.

Sam and Colby have leveraged their YouTube platform as their primary career, gaining a significant following and attracting attention from fans worldwide.

They have a merchandising website called XPLR, which features clothes designed for exploration.

They previously had a website called The Life Project, aimed at supporting individuals facing challenges, but it has since been replaced by a new website focused on helping children succeed.

Sam and Colby WIki
For ghost-chasing duo Sam and Colby, October is the most important month of the year (Source: KCUR 89.3)

The YouTubers announced their return to content creation, although with a different style, after a brief hiatus in 2019.

Their most recent uploads have focused on relevant series like The Stanley Hotel, Witches Forest, and The Kansas Trip, which provide their audience with fascinating and captivating storytelling.

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