Lunch Lady Andie Rosafort Husband On Facebook, Arrest News And Case Details

Andie Rosafort Husband

Lunch Lady Andie Rosafort has been a trending topic for people. Andie Rosafort Husband has also been a topic of curiosity for the media and the public. 

According to Connecticut State Police, Andie Paige Rosafort, a 31-year-old former lunch assistant known online as @thepeachespaige.

Others have also debated her husband’s role in the case after learning about his Facebook profile. We’ll talk about the case’s specifics.

Andie’s husband’s Facebook page and the consequences of the arrest are in this piece. She was discovered when the father of one of the victim’s friends alerted New Fairfield High School administrators to possible suspicious activity on January 14, 2023, but not at a party.

Authorities in Connecticut claim a married high school cafeteria worker groomed a juvenile boy over Snapchat and Instagram for months before sexually abusing the victim in her SUV.

Many guardians and parents are still concerned about the behavior of Rosafort and how parents are still concerned about the effect that lies in the school’s environment.

Lunch Lady Andie Rosafort Husband On Facebook

Many concerned people have started looking up Andie’s husband on Facebook after hearing about her detention due to her behavior. 

His page has drawn attention, and some individuals are speculating about his participation in the crime. According to his Facebook page, Rosafort’s spouse is a local entrepreneur and a modest construction company. 

His Facebook page has been inundated with individual comments speculating about his role in the case.

 Andie Rosafort Husband
Andie Rosafort, New Fairfield cafeteria aide, accused of a sexual affair with a teen student and sexting. (Source: Connecticut State Police)

Even though he has not made any public statements regarding his wife’s detention. 

Numerous people have questioned if Rosafort’s husband was aware of her embezzlement schemes and whether he took part in any manner. Yet at this time, there is no proof to show that he was aware of his wife’s behavior.

The police statement read: “During an interview, a parent of one of the victim’s friends told investigators that on Saturday, January 14, 2023, while the parent was traveling out of state, their child had called them sounding upset.

Lunch Lady Andie Rosafort Arrest News

School authorities approached the New Fairfield Police Department at New Fairfield High School on January 17, 2023. 

After, they learned of potentially inappropriate interactions between a school system team member and a young kid. The School Resource Officer started an investigation, which Major Crime Investigators eventually took up.

 Andie Rosafort Husband
Andie with her lawyer for the hearing. (Source: newstime)

The young victim revealed throughout the investigation that they had been corresponding with an adult woman they eventually identified as Rosafort via private communications on social media for several months. 

The victim further disclosed that they claimed to have obtained sexually explicit photographs and videos of Rosafort that were given to them without their consent via a social media account. 

The victim also claimed that Rosafort would message them asking for pictures of them.

Andie was arrested on March 3, 2023, by local law enforcement officials. 

The authorities say she has been stealing money from the school lunch program.

According to the officials, for several months. Although the money involved has not been made public, authorities have claimed it was a sizable sum.

Lunch Lady Andie Rosafort Case Details

According to the affidavit, a father who had gone to Baltimore and was at a wedding received a call from his son, who could only be named as “juvenile1,” after 10 o’clock on January 13.

Juvenile 1 was angry and informed her Father that she had attended a Friday night party at a New Fairfield residence. 

According to the affidavit, “Junior1″ indicated that a friend in their group, the victim, had informed the group that he was leaving that party to go home and prepare because he was going on a trip with his family.” 

The victim left the party after saying he would return.

 Andie Rosafort Husband
Google street view of the parking lot. (Source: Google view)

Investigators claim that when the victim returned to the party, his pals noticed “something was unusual” since they couldn’t see the victim’s car’s headlight from the driveway. 

The watchful female friend informed law enforcement that she had discovered Rosafort, also known as the “lunch lady,” having molested the youngster inside an SUV.

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