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Amber Asay Age

Amber is a Los Angeles-based graphic designer and art director. The fans want to know Amber Asay age, her Wikipedia biography, and her other personal information. Read the article below to know more. 

Amber has received several awards for her exceptional contribution to graphic design and art direction work, with work appearing on blogs such as Brand New, BP&O, Grain Edit, and others.

She has over 7 years of experience and has been involved in the printing industry, web and app development, brand strategy, copywriting, and more.

The graphic designer’s top clients include Poosh, Anecdote Candles, Mozi Magazine, UCLA, and Disney. People love her simple and clean style and beautiful typographic work.

The fact that her work has been featured on well-known blogs is a significant achievement for any graphic designer since it indicates that their work is beautiful and innovative, and influential.

Amber Asay Age – How Old Is She?

The graphic designer has managed to keep her birthdate and age out of the public. Due to this, we cannot rule out her exact age or when she was born.

For security and other reasons, it is common for famous people to withhold personal information.  People may have various reasons to maintain their image in the public eye.

Amber Asay Age
Amber Asay posted a picture describing her focus for 2022, self-care. (source: Instagram)

In an interview, she said, as a child, she dreamed of being in musical theatre for the longest time.

Simply said, the graphic designer had a certain career or life plan in mind but eventually realized that it was not what she wanted to do. she took longer than most people to figure out their true talents and interests and pursue them. 

She took longer to complete their education and took a different path than they originally planned.

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Wikipedia Bio of Amber Asay

Amber initially wanted to start Freelancing right after she graduated from design school. However, she shared her plans with her professor, and he then advised her to gain more experience before taking this leap.

Amber followed the advice and spent five years working in different studios, developing her skills and reputation.

The experience and expertise that she gained from those five years proved to be invaluable for Amber when she eventually decided to pursue Freelance work.

She developed the abilities and knowledge necessary to handle Freelancing tasks during her time working at studios successfully. 

In addition, her reputation within the industry grew, and she built a network of contacts necessary to find her clients.

Amber’s one major milestone 4 years ago was getting fired; she was fired because the clients didn’t like her design. It was her first attempt at freelancing. She got pushed into it and was not prepared enough, so she completely failed.

After 3 months of searching, she found a job at a small studio. At the studio, she was given multiple roles and responsibilities, providing her with various learning experiences.

During this time, Amber also had the opportunity to work o developing their portfolio, an important component of the design industry.

Amber Asay Husband

According to some sources, Amber owns and operates Variety show Studio, an online shop, and graphic design studio, with her husband, Mike.

Amber Asay seems to be a private person. She has not shared any other further information regarding her husband. We cannot provide any more details about her husband, Mike, since we lack sufficient information.

Amber Asay Age
Amber Asay with her husband and son. (source: Instagram)

It is common for public figures not to disclose personal information for their benefit and security. It becomes serious when families get involved. The designer probably did not want the media and the paparazzi to meddle in her or her husband’s private life.

Amber Asay Instagram Explored

Amber Asay has an Instagram account with the username @amberasay. she has 7906 followers on Instagram with 1825 posts.

She regularly posts pictures and stories on her Instagram account to interact with her followers.

Amber Asay Age
Amber Asay’s Instagram account. (source: Instagram)

The graphic designer has posted many pictures of her and her family, including her husband and son Kent. She seems to enjoy traveling, too, as she frequently posts many highlights from her travel diaries on Instagram.

In addition, to provide regular updates on her designs and artwork, he frequently shares it in her posts and stories.

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