Harvey Carignan Obituary And Death Cause – How Did The Killer Die? Family And Case Details

Harvey Carignan Obituary

Harvey Carignan also known as ” The Want-Ad Killer” died at 95 on March 14, 2023. Harvey was an American Serial Killer who was served a life sentence at the Minnesota Correctional Facility – Faribault for the murder of two women. To find out more about him, read the article below.

Harvey Louis Carignan famously known as Harvey Carignan, was also convicted for a 1949 rape and murder he committed while stationed in the US Army in Anchorage, Alaska.

The serial killer had a rough childhood where he had an issue with bedwetting, and he was diagnosed with chorea and enuresis in a Mandan. He was also sexually abused by a female faculty member while he was a student.

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Harvey Carignan Obituary And Death Cause – How Did The Killer Die?

The American Serial killer who has raped and murdered women and children has died in prison at the age of 95. The officials of the jail stated that he died due to natural causes.

He was also known as the “Want-Ad Killer” Harvey used to lure his victims using wanted advertisements. Carignan used to rape unsuspecting women and murder them with a hammer.

Harvey Carignan Obituary
Harvey Carignan is also known as “The Want-Ad Killer”.(Source: serialkillercalender)

Furthermore, he was serving a life sentence after being accused and convicted in 1975 of murdering two women, Eileen Hunley and Katherine Schultz. During his trial, he stated that God ordered him to kill whores and harlots and pled for insanity, but he was ultimately found guilty.

In addition, during the murder of Hunley, she disappeared in Minnesota in August 1974, and her body was found five weeks later. Repeated blows imploded her skull to the head. They also found that she was also raped.

Likewise, during the Schultz murder, after killing her, he picked her up to the South of Minneapolis in September 1974. Her body was found fully beaten in a cornfield. Same Hunley, her head was also imploded by a hammer, and for these repeated patterned crimes of hitting in the head, he was given the nickname” Harvey the Hammer”

Harvey Carignan Case Detail

Harvey Carvey was serving life in prison sentence for the murder of two women in 1975. He not only murdered them, but he raped them. The way he committed these crimes was heinous and hateful.

When he was caught and brought to court, he claimed God had given him the order to kill whores and harlots. His defense tried to plead for insanity, but he failed. In 1975, he was found guilty of both charges.

Harvey Carignan Obituary
Harvey Carignan was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of two women. (Source: maamodt)

Furthermore, after his conviction, he underwent a mental assessment, and an antisocial personality disorder was even identified. He was also found guilty of immoral assaults, homosexual activity upon a child, and two further counts of aggregating sodomy after this case had been ongoing for months.

Finally, Harvey was sentenced to a total of 60 years in prison. He was then charged with the murder for the deaths of Schultz and Hunley. Carignan was given a 40 years sentence after submitting a guilty plea to second-degree murder in the death of Schultz. He was given a life sentence after being found guilty of first-degree murder in Hunley’s death.

Harvey Carignan Family

The Want-Ad killer was born on May 18, 1927, in Fargo, North Dakota, US. He was born to an unmarried, 20-year-old mother in North Dakota. He went to live with his uncle and aunt in North Dakota, but he returned to his mother.

The Killer had a bedwetting issue when he was young, and he was even diagnosed with having chorea and enuresis in a Madan, a North Dakota reform school.

Harvey Carignan Obituary
Harvey Carignan is called HARV THE HAMMER. (Source: MirrorUk)

Furthermore, he had difficulty in his studies; one of the reasons for this difficulty is that a female faculty member sexually abused him. He then went to the American Army after he graduated from reform school at the age of 18.

The killer’s mother remarried and had another son. His mother even tried to put him as an orphan in an orphanage. He also stated that his babysitter sexually abused him.

Last but not least, he is undoubtedly among the worst criminals, and he will never be forgiven for his hideous crimes.

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