What Happened To Caleb Coffee: Dead Or Alive Accident Fall Onti Lava Rock

What happened to Caleb Coffee

A young individual on TikTok has managed to survive a harrowing accident. What happened to Caleb Coffee? Find out in this article.

Caleb Coffee, 18, was hospitalized with his three friends on August 16th after a mishap during a hiking expedition in Hawaii.

As per a GoFundMe campaign established by his sister Peyton Coffee, Caleb slipped off a cliff measuring 60 to 80 feet and landed on lava rocks during the hike.

Subsequently, he was airlifted to the emergency room, receiving treatment for various injuries, including a spinal fracture, a broken femur, an elbow, and a wrist.

Alongside these injuries, Caleb, who boasts 11 million TikTok followers, also endured “multiple gouges and burns all over his body,” as mentioned on the fundraising page.

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What Happened To Caleb Coffee? 

What happened to Caleb Coffee? Caleb Coffee, a prominent figure on TikTok, ended up in the hospital following a cliff fall in Hawaii that led to him landing on lava rocks.

Also, this incident resulted in a spinal fracture and several other injuries. His father remarked that it was a remarkable occurrence that he survived the incident.

Peyton Coffee, Caleb’s sister, shared that they are not yet fully aware of the complete extent of his injuries.

What happened to Caleb Coffee
What happened to Caleb Coffee? Caleb fall from a cliff (Source: TMZ)

Additionally, according to information from medical personnel, Caleb has struggled to keep food down, and there is a likelihood of discovering more injuries in the coming weeks.

On August 17th, Caleb’s father, Jason Coffee, provided an update via his Instagram Story, stating that Caleb’s condition remains steady and that he is conscious.

Jason also conveyed that Caleb is conversing and maintaining a positive attitude.

Is Caleb Coffee Dead Or Alive After Falling From A Cliff

Caleb relocated to Hawaii in May and regularly shared images of his outdoor escapades, exercise regimens, and amusing family instances on social media.

On Instagram, he declared his move to Hawaii, saying, “I’m moving back to Hawaii! Farewell, Texas.”

He further expressed his sentiments, saying, “I’ll genuinely miss all the fantastic individuals I got to know and grow close to during my time in Texas.

Also, a big thank you to everyone who supported me during this phase of my life. I cherish you all and wish you the best!”

What happened to Caleb Coffee
Caleb Coffee is alive and doing alright (Source: TMZ)

Following his move, Caleb altered his profile bio to convey, “Embracing life to the fullest on the beautiful shores of Hawaii.”

Despite enduring severe injuries, Caleb is currently undergoing medical treatment to recuperate.

Also, his supporters are sending prayers and showing their encouragement through his social media accounts.

Caleb Coffee Accident: Fall Over Onti Lava Rock

Coffee, who also boasts a million followers on Instagram, primarily shares videos on TikTok, where he frequently showcases bold achievements.

As indicated on his family’s GoFundMe page, he had a mishap involving slipping and plummeting from a cliff spanning 60 to 80 feet, resulting in his being airlifted to the emergency room after landing on lava rock.

Caleb reached out to his supporters, affectionately dubbed the ‘Coffee Crew,’ in a message on his father Jason’s Instagram story on Thursday.

What happened to Caleb Coffee
Caleb Coffee fell from the 60 to 80 feet cliff (Source: Instagram)

In this message, he astonishingly revealed that he managed to avoid breaking his neck.

The family strives to collect $100,000 for medical expenses since Caleb lacks insurance coverage.

Peyton, his sister, conveyed on Instagram that medical professionals and others have emphasized Caleb’s fortune in surviving and commended his remarkable resilience.

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