Jim Mosier Verdict Trial And Mugshot, Case Summary

Jim Mosier Verdict

Jim Mosier Verdict in the Larry Burton Marcum case resulted in a not guilty verdict for second-degree murder on June 20, 2023, ending a two-week trial.

Jim Mosier gained notoriety as a Bullhead City man. He was accused of second-degree murder following a fatal shooting incident.

The case revolves around the 2021 shooting. The shooting killed Larry Burton Marcum outside the Fort Mohave Walmart Store.

Jim is currently at the age of 24. He must be a University student who attends the College near Bullhead City.

The incident came as shocking news to Jim’s friends and family. It appears he is a friendly and outgoing person.

Mosier has a passion for motorcycling, as evidenced by his Facebook activity. He actively participated in track days at Arizona Motorsports Park.

Additionally, His profile shows his connection to the motorcycle culture. He has frequently updated his profile picture and pictures with images related to his hobby.

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Jim Mosier Verdict Trial And Mugshot

Jim Mosier’s verdict was “not guilty” in the shooting case at the Walmart parking lot. Jim was recently acquitted of murder charges in a trial.

Jim Mosier Verdict
Jim Mosier’s Verdict resulted in a “not guilty” plea. (Source: Crime Online)

The murder trial of Douglas started on June 20, 2023. The young man was charged with the murder of Larry Burton Marcum, a 41-year-old man.

Jim’s defense attorney, Jake Baldridge, argued that his client was unaware of any conflict when driving to the store.

According to the defense, there was no evidence to suggest that Mosier was driving erratically. Besides, they introduced several photos and stored videos from the incident.

Nevertheless, The core argument from the defense was self-defense. They claimed that Marcum aggressively approached Mosier, screaming profanities and even showing his gun.

This behavior reportedly made Mosier fear for his life. The 24-year-old was even prompted to call 911 while bystanders tried to provide first aid to Marcum until paramedics arrived.

The trial took place in front of the Superior Court. The trial judge is Rick Lambert and was expected to last approximately two weeks.

Many people were unhappy with Jim Mosier’s Verdict of “not guilty.” However, some wanted the culprit to be freed.

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Jim Mosier Case Summary

Jim Mosier was arrested in May 2021. This arrest followed a tragic incident that occurred in Fort Mohave. 

Jim Mosier Verdict
Jim Mosier is highly interested in motorcycles and tracks. (Source: Facebook)

The case revolved around an incident in the Walmart parking lot. The victim in this case was Larry Burton, a resident of Bullhead City.

The Victim, Larry, accompanied by his 13-year-old stepson, entered the Walmart’s parking lot. After a brief shopping trip, he returned to his van and confronted Mosier.

Marcum advised Mosier to drive responsibly. Nevertheless, Mosier responded cronfrontilaly, which ensued an argument, and Jim raised his gun.

Marcum urged Jim to put the gun away, but did not comply. Even though Marcum had initially pulled out his gun, he had put it back in his pocket.

It was clear from the video evidence that Marcum’s gun was not in his hand when he was shot. When Marcum attempted to kick the gun out of Jim’shand, he was shot once in the chest.

Bystanders at the scene stepped in to provide first aid to Marcum until the medical personnel arrived.

Mr. Larry was immediately taken to the hospital. Nonetheless, he tragically passed away in the incident.

Following this incident, Law enforcement agencies, including the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office, responded to the scene.

An investigation was initiated. Several witnesses were interviewed, and video surveillance footage was reviewed.

The case raised significant public interest and debate. It involved a tragic loss of life due to heated arguments that turned violent.

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