Lousiana Politician: Meet Mike Johnson Brother Chris & Josh And Sister Laura

Mike Johnson Brother

Meet Louisiana politician Mike Johnson brother, Chris, Josh, and sister, Laura, as we explore their family connections and background.

Mike Johnson, born in Shreveport, Louisiana, 1972, has built a career as a prominent Louisiana politician.

After earning political science and law degrees from Louisiana State University, Johnson embarked on a journey leading him to the U.S. House of Representatives.

Before taking his current position, he served in the Louisiana House of Representatives, representing the 8th district in Bossier Parish.

His affiliation with the Republican Party has marked Johnson’s political career, and he assumed the role of vice-chair of the House Republican Conference in 2021.

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Lousiana Politician: Meet Mike Johnso,n Brother Chris & Jos,h And Sister Laura

Mike Johnson, the Louisiana politician, is a dedicated public servant and a family man with a web of connections.

His siblings include Chris, Josh, Laura, and Bethany Johnson, the latter noted for her talents as an artist and writer. 

In his personal life, Mike Johnson is a loving husband and father. He and his wife, Kelly Lary, have been married since 1999.

Mike Johnson Brother
They have been married since 1999 and have four children. (source: mikejohnsonforlouisiana)

Their relationship is built on a solid foundation, and Kelly has transitioned from a former school teacher in Webster Parish to a Licensed Pastoral Counselor. 

While Mike Johnson’s political journey is well-documented, his private family life remainsprimarilyy shielded from the public eye.

As a dedicated public servant, devoted husband, and father, he manages the responsibilities of his role while upholding the values vital to him and his constituents in Louisiana’s 4th congressional district.

Mike Johnson Brother Chris & Josh And Sister Laura Age Gap

Mike Johnson’s siblings include a sister named Bethany Johnson, known for her talents as an artist and writer.

Additionally, he has a brother named Josh and another sister named Mallory, according to IMDb.

Despite the lack of age-related details, it’s apparent that the Johnson family encompasses a range of interests and talents, with Bethany’s artistic and writing abilities adding to their diversity.

The Johnson siblings have likely played a significant role in shaping Mike Johnson’s life and values, contributing to his journey as a Louisiana politician serving as the U.S. representative for the state’s 4th congressional district.

Though the specific age gap remains a mystery, their collective experiences have undoubtedly influenced their respective paths in life.

Mike Johnson Family

Mike Johnson, the Louisiana politician, is a dedicated public servant and a committed family man.

His strong family values and personal life serve as a backdrop to his political career. Mike has been married to Kelly Lary since 1999.

Kelly, a former school teacher from Webster Parish, has transitioned into the role of a Licensed Pastoral Counselor.

Their enduring marriage demonstrates their commitment to one another and provides a solid foundation for their family.

Speaking of family, Mike Johnson is a father and a proud one.

Mike Johnson Brother
Mike Johnson, a Louisiana politician, is a dedicated husband and father of four children. (source: twitter)

He and Kelly have four children who enrich their lives with joy and love.

Furthermore, Mike Johnson’s family extends beyond his immediate household.

He has three siblings: Chris, Josh, and Laura. Among his siblings is his sister Bethany Johnson, a multi-talented artist and writer.  Mike Johnson’s family history is also notable.

His father, James Patrick Johnson, founded the Percy R. Johnson Burn Foundation, a nonprofit organization named after Percy R. Johnson, the city’s first African-American fire instructor and captain.

Tragically, Percy R. Johnson lost his life in the line of duty, and James Patrick Johnson, Mike’s father, was critically burned and disabled during the same incident.

Their legacy of service and sacrifice is a testament to their dedication.

In addition, Mike Johnson’s maternal grandfather, Nunzio Messina, had Italian roots, contributing to the congressman’s mixed ethnicity.

Overall, Mike Johnson’s personal life reflects his commitment to family, service, and the values he brings to his political career.

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