Kevin McCarthy Daughter And Son – Meghan And Connor, Family And Net Worth

Kevin McCarthy daughter and son

People engaged in politics might recognize known Kevin McCarthy. The politician’s supporters are curious to learn about Kevin McCarthy Daughter.

McCarthy attempted to garner enough support and win a vote, becoming the new Speaker of the House of Representatives. However, he loses in GOP Rebellion. 

Minority Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives, Kevin, held his position in 2019. The politician is a Republican Party member.

In 2002, Kevin won a seat in the California Legislature State Assembly.  He served for six years. He was elected to the US House of Representatives in 2008. The politician represented California’s 22nd congressional district. 

He ascended to different levels of his Party. Kevin was elected Majority Leader of the House of Representatives in 2014.

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Meet Kevin McCarthy Daughter And Son

The United States House of Representatives minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has two children, a daughter, and a son, with his wife, Judy McCarthy.

Meghan And Connor are his two kids. They named their son Connor and named their daughter Meghan.

Kevin McCarthy daughter and family
Kevin McCarthy enjoying his vacation with his family. (Source: Twitter)

Kevin’s son Connor completed his graduation from Georgetown University. He tied the knot with his wife, Emily Norris, in December 2020.

The known politician shared a short clip of his son’s wedding, marking the occasion on Instagram.

Meghan’s mother, Judy McCarthy, is from Bakersfield, California. Her mom is often recognized as a lady retaining her focus on her convictions. Bakersfield describes her as a fierce woman convicted of faith, family, and friends. 

Kevin’s wife is a quintessential and “always for you” sort of person who constantly searches for a way to help. According to her close friend,  Sally Thornberry, “Judy respects everyone she encounters.”

The politician met Judy in high school. The two’s love story began in their teenage.

Speaking of their two children, Kevin has spoken about his wife and kids in interviews and public appearances, saying that he loves them.

The politician often mentions his affection for his wife and two kids. In 2019, he gave an interview with Fox News, where McCarthy said :

“My family (including his son, daughter, and wife) is my greatest joy and the driving force behind my work in Congress.”

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Kevin McCarthy Family

Republican Party member Kevin McCarthy was born to Roberta McCarthy and Owen McCarthy. Kevin’s family lived in Bakersfield, California, where they raised him.

His mother, Roberta Darlene, was a homemaker, and his Father, Owen McCarthy, was a deputy city Fire chief. His parents welcomed their son on 26 January 1965.

Kevin’s family resided in Kern County for four generations. Speaking of his family background, the politician’s paternal grandfather was an immigrant from Ireland, while his maternal grandfather was Italian.

Kevin was the first Republican in his family, as most of his family members, including his parents, were all Democrats.

The man completed a Bachelor of Science from California State University in 1989. In 1994, he earned a Master of Business Administration from the same institution.

Kevin has a slightly different political opinion than his family, but this doesn’t mean he is not close to his family. McCarthy led the Republican Party as Minority Leader and worked to promote their agenda.

He strongly supports former President Donald Trump and has been vocal about his policies.

Also, McCarthy’s family has been his greatest supporter outside the political world and his backbone for success today

Net Worth Of Kevin McCarthy 

According to sources, American politician Kevin McCarthy’s net worth is $95 million. The man is one of the wealthiest lawmakers in the country.

His yearly earnings are estimated at $1 million, while he earns $312 Thousand per month.

Kevin McCarthy net worth
Kevin McCarthy’s net worth is $95 million. (Source: Politico)

McCarthy likes to maintain a lavish lifestyle, and he recently bought a Jaguar XF for a whopping $120 Thousand. Kevin also owns a Lexus ES, which price starts at $136 Thousand.

Speaking of his residence, Kevin purchased an 8,800-square-foot palatial House in California, paying a whopping $21 million.

His California residence has ten bedrooms, twelve bathrooms, a wine cellar, an indoor pool, and a tennis court.

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