Is Mark Lillywhite Arrested For Misdemeanor? Case Details And Wikipedia Bio

Is Mark Lillywhite Arrested

Is Mark Lillywhite Arrested for a Misdemeanor? It is a hot topic circulating the media, and yes, he is arrested and lodged in the Kalamazoo County Jail. Mark is St. Joseph County Sheriff.

According to article XVII of St. Joseph county, Michigan, section 4, the constitution provides that any organized county should elect a Sheriff, who should serve for precisely four years, and the duties and powers should be under the law.

The sheriff’s priority is to be a peaceful officer under the Law of Michigan. By the law and constitution, Mark is charged with enforcing the laws enacted by the legislature under the power given to the sheriff and discharging executive law enforcement power for the public peace nearby the county.

The officially elected sheriff shall be directly responsible to the people inside the county on St. Joseph for any effective law enforcement services. And also, they are responsible for the safety and efficient operation of the county.

The department head officially elected is Mark Lillywhite, Undersheriff is Jason Bingaman, and Jail Administrator is Buchner Kitty; along with them, about ten more sheriffs are providing various services to St. Joseph county.

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Is Mark Lillywhite Arrested For Misdemeanor?

According to reporting of Sturgis Journal, Sheriff Mark got arrested. The report shows that Mark Lillywhite, a 47-year-old sheriff, is booked for the Kalamazoo County Jail on a Sunday morning. 

Is Mark Lillywhite Arrested
Mark Lillywhite appointed as official of St. Joseph County. (Source: Facebook)

However, the exact reason for his arrest is not publicized yet. Some news media are working on this matter, and more details will be out soon. As the official of St. Joseph County, the sheriff is supposedly charged as the jail resident under the law and his responsibilities.

The Sheriff got accusations as the jail member scammed a woman calling himself the grandson, who broke the traffic rule and wants money to get bailed.

Mark Lillywhite Case Details

According to Mark Lillywhite’s statement to St. Joseph County, he said a resident from the county was targeted on an accusation of being a fraud that cost her about $8000. Is Mark Lillywhite Arrested

Sheriff Mark Lillywhite and Sheriff Balk. (Source: Facebook)He also mentioned that the resident phoned someone claiming their identity as their grandson, who got arrested for breaking traffic rules and needed the money to get bail from the county.

The supposed grandson got accompanied by a woman who called or identified herself as a New York lawyer and would represent the grandson in Michigan City, Indiana. The party said they require a total of $8000 in cash to get released from the bail from the county.

The victim was suggested to call once she gets home with the money from the bank. During the call session, she was instructed that a man would collect the cash from the resident. A few minutes later, a man arrived in a 90′ or 2000’s brown and grey Toyota Camry to receive the amount.

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After taking the money, she said the man was in a hurry and left soon. The described man was a well-dressed white man in his early thirties. She also said the man was about six feet tall and had a well-trimmed beard.

The department later called the grandson and found out that he was never and ever got arrested and had never been involved in involvement on the such incident.

Mark Lillywhite Wikipedia Bio

There is not much information about the Sheriff, Mark Lillywhite, as he was an undersheriff for about 11 years, from 2009 to 2020. He is 47 years off, the sheriff, married, and has three children in Flowerfield Township.

Is Mark Lillywhite Arrested
Calhoun Co Sheriff Matt Saxton, Cass County Sheriff Rick Behnke, Sheriff Balk, Sheriff Lillywhite, & Berrien Co Sheriff Paul Bailey. (Source: Facebook)

In 2021, Mark Lillywhite got elected for his first term as a Sheriff. Mark had been an employee of the St. Joseph County Sheriff’s office for about twenty-five years.
He has served every service during his service time. He was doing the department and community as an undersheriff.

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