TikTok: Kodye and Kelsey Tiktok Drama, What Happened To Them? Age And Biography

Kodye and Kelsey Tiktok Drama

Many TikTok users are concerned about Kodye And Kelsey TikTok Drama. The perfect two’s fallout has struck up discussions and explanations on what might have happened.

The two TikTokers, Kelsey and Kodye, have never made any public comments regarding any conflict between the two. Fans, though, have their theories regarding the rumors.

According to fans, Kodye and Kelsey were friends who supported one another no matter what while they were going through difficult times.

On the bright side, there are new updates, as Kelsey has verified recent drama between her and the other TikTokers.

The newly created Queen Team produced videos specifically and vehemently directed toward Kody. Numerous videos were explicitly made for her.

Kodye recorded a video to apologize to Amanda and said she made a mistake and regretted it after watching numerous tapes and being powerless to stop herself.

The group continued to make videos even after issuing an apology. It is said that the drama’s creator is none other than Kelsey.

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Kodye and Kelsey TikTok Drama – What Happened Between Them

Kelsey explains that a severe roasting incident occurred and that she had to cut Alexis out of her life.

Furthermore, Kelsey recounted that Cody and Eudy roasted the people making fun of her forehead. Nonetheless, Kelsey made them apologize and remove their makeup because she knew their remarks could be offensive.

Kodye and Kelsey Tiktok Drama
In Kelsey’s most recent TikTok, she reveals that a new issue appears to have developed. Kelsey and Alexis are involved in the newest TikTok drama. Alexis had to be cut out of Kelsey’s life, she explains. (Source: Youtube)

Kelsey also acknowledged that if one person is at fault, both are. In parts 1 and 2, Alexis shared her account of the beef and explained it from her perspective.

On February 12, Kodye posted a video to end the speculations and drama. In the video, she shared how she only had five hours of sleep in three days before sharing her most private trauma with millions of people and ending this drama.

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Kodye And Kelsey Drama: Their Age & Biography Explored

To brief, Kelsey Pumel is currently 33 years old. She initially joined the TikTok platform in April 2020 and has been widely famous with over a million followers.

Likewise, Curtis Woods and Kelsey frequently collaborate to create amusing and entertaining TikTok videos.

Kodye and Kelsey Tiktok Drama
Several TikTok users have been angry with Kelsey and Kodye Elyse. Finally, the couple’s supporters have attempted to construct a defense. There is always some sort of drama on TikTok. (Source: Wealthy Peeps)

With her history of being a victim of domestic abuse, Kelsey has raised thousands of pounds to aid others in similar circumstances.

On the other hand, Kodye is currently 33 years as well. She is well-recognized for her entertaining dance moves, lip-syncing videos, and stunning makeup looks.

As for the Instagram handle accounts, Kodye Elyse’s Instagram account’s handle name is @kodyeelse. So far, she has accumulated over 275 thousand followers and 112 posts.

Likewise, she appears to be highly active on the platform, considering the number of stories she posts and highlights.

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