Diana Deets Dead, Was The Death Cause Suicide? Age And Family Details

Diana Deets Dead

Yes, Diana Deets Dead, and the cause is suicide. Diana is a social media influencer and an adult content creator.

Diana Deets, popularly known as Coconut Kitty in social media, was a 25-year-old social media star and model. She was famous for her social media persona and her content. The character of Coconut kitty was created by herself using special artificial intelligence filters.

The reports claim that coconut kitty does not exist in real life. Diana was a very famous and successful model on Instagram. She has 5.4 million followers on her Instagram account and 1.4 million followers on Twitter, and she has multiple Twitter accounts.

She was well known for her stories written by herself and posted on her official website. Diana was a fitness enthusiast and maintained her body slim and fit. The shape of her body was well-maintained and beautiful.

Diana Deets Dead, Was The Death Cause Suicide?

Yes, the reason behind Diana’s death is suicide. She took her own life last Sunday. The post shared on the official Instagram and Twitter was about the end and a message to her fans and followers; the statement is about them wishing that the fans could get to know her the way Diana’s friend and family knows.

Diana Deets Dead
More realistic Picture of Diana Deets.(Source: Twitter)

She was a light for the world, and to be honest, she was glowing. She proved that girls could not be slowed down and headed hard and strong while being so kind. She was the girl with the biggest heart who always wanted to help grow everyone around her and wanted them to win in their life.

Deets was also an animal lover and used to take any animal that needed shelter. Diana was always ready to help others in need or face any problems, even when busy. The girl was always ahead to fight with anyone who would dare to hurt someone she loved.

Diana Deets Dead
Diana Deets on her character Coconut Kitty. (Source: Instagram)

Her laugh was contagious and kept the environment bright. Diana was humorous and made everyone laugh till someone could not breathe. Diana also loved singing and dancing and mostly being herself. Only close friends and family saw her actual color of her. The heart of the influencer was so pure.

Diana Deets Age

Age of Diana was 25, and as per multiple reports, she was born on 15 September 1998. However, she looks older in her real pictures and her real age is not sure as mentioned on different medias. The height of the influencer was 5 feet and 6 inches, and she weighed about 57 kilograms. She was a blonde with hazel eyes. The fictional character Diana built, named Coconut Kitty, was the hottest fictional personality on social media.

Diana Deets Dead
Diana Deet’s creation Coconutkitty143 (left), and a less edited picture of herself. (Source: Rolling Stone)

Coconut Kitty had hot and attractive body features with a tattoo on her arms. In 2021, she got accusation of pedo baiting. A few allegations that her edited pictures with filters made her look like a minor and claimed that she might attract possible pedophiles. However, she later said that the creation was just for her protection.

Diana Deets Family Details

The family details of Diana Deets were kept secret for her secrecy, and there are no specific details about the influencer rather than the fact that she had children. She always felt herself deeply with her soul, mind, and body.

Diana Deets Dead
Most of Diana Deets photos as a character Coconut Kitty were erotic ones. (Source: Twitter)

She was always on creativity and loved creating art and expressing herself, and she also voiced gratitude towards her fans and supporters. According to the post, she was a great mother, a sister, a friend, a daughter, a best friend, and a role model for many people.

She also loved her children so much; they were never alone, as she devoted most of the time to them so that they could feel loved and cared for.

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