Kimberly Achas CCTV Camera Video And Death Cause, What Happened To Her? Case Details

Kimberly Achas CCTV

Kimberly Achas CCTV footage went viral after it got leaked. Kimberly was a victim of domestic violence that led to her death.

A third-year college student was pronounced dead after getting to the Don Carlos, Bukidnon hospital. The living partner mauled and stabbed her while their argument was heated. The incident happened on 11th of March 2023 around 3 pm at their house near Purok 9, Poblacion Sur, Don Carlos.

After the investigation, the police officials later revealed that the victim was Kimberly Achas, a 22-year-old girl; the suspect was Edson Campo Jamisula, a 27 years jobless man. The suspect, Edson, tried to flee away from the scene but got caught by the actively responding police officers.

Kimberly Achas CCTV camera video of the incident got leaked and went viral on social media, and the video led the netizens to be outraged.

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Kimberly Achas CCTV Camera Footage And Death Cause

The footage of Kimberly Achas suffering from domestic violence was captured in a CCTV camera, where her partner, Edson, is seen brutally beating and stabbing Kimberly. That footage got leaked on the internet.

Kimberly Achas CCTV
A photograph of Kimberly and Edsun before the incident. (Source: Facebook)

The real identity of the ones who leaked the footage is not confirmed yet, but the netizens are very outraged after seeing that leaked footage. The video is captured inside the couple’s residence, and the video that got leaked is about 7 minutes and 11 seconds long.

The official reports revealed that Kimberly and her partner had a heated argument in their residence, leading to the suspect stabbing his partner. He stabbed her on different body parts with the broken glass.

Kimberly was rushed to the Don Carlos Hospital for treatment, but the doctors announced that the victim was dead on arrival.

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What Happened To Kimberly Achas?

Kimberly Achas was a 22 years old girl studying in 3rd year of her college. She was in a relationship with Edson Campo Jaimsula, who was 27 years old. The couple has a nine-month baby together.
Kimberly had faced domestic violence in the house.

Kimberly Achas CCTV
An image of Kimberly Achas, a victim of a murder. (Source: Facebook)

One day, an argument started when Kimberly wanted to breastfeed her child, but Edson refused. The debate got heated and led to a fight which caused the death of Kimberly.

Kimberly Achas was killed by her partner Edson during a heated argument by stabbing her with broken glass bottle pieces.

The victim was rushed to the hospital after the incident, but she could not survive and was pronounced dead before arriving. The suspect tried to escape the scene, but the police officers arrested him.

Kimberly Achas Case Details

Kimberly Achas, who was in a relationship with her partner Edson, lived together at Purok 9, Poblacion Sur, Don Carlos Town. The couple had a baby together, and three of them were living together.

Kimberly Achas CCTV
An image of Edson, a murder suspect and living partner of Kimberly Achas. (Source: Facebook)

On 11th of March 2023, around 3 pm, the couple argued when Kimberly wanted to breastfeed her baby, but the partner refused. The argument got so heated that partner Edson went crazy and started brutally stabbing Kimberly with the broken pieces of glass.

The neighbours heard the couple arguing thunderously inside the house, and while they went to check, they found that the suspect repeatedly hit the victim with a plastic chair before stabbing her to death.

The friend and close ones have reported that the suspect was a heavy drinker and was usually drunk. The relatives of Kimberly are going to file a case against the suspect, according to the Don Carlos police department.

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