Evan Lambert Ethnicity, Is The Reporter Black? Wikipedia and Arrest News

Internet users are curious to learn about Evan Lambert Ethnicity. As for him, he felt humiliated for being black and arrested only because he spoke too loudly at a press conference.

The Police Officers in Ohio are under criticism after forcing Journalist Lambert to the ground and arresting him while he was reporting live at Gov. Mike DeWine’s press conference to update the public on safety concerns after a railway derailment.

On Wednesday afternoon, Evan Lambert performed a live shot for News Nation when Police officers approached him and requested him to remain quiet.

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What Is Evan Lambert Ethnicity – Is The Reporter Black?

The reporter Evan Lambert is Black. He confirmed it when he stated how a Black reporter was treated this way in 2023.

At the moment, he expressed that he was fine and felt he had a very long day after the arrest. He shared this after he was released. Likewise, he also said that no journalists expect to be arrested, especially when they only do their job.

Evan Lambert Ethnicity
A statement made by the association of LGBTQ journalists called NLGJA after Evan’s arrest. (Source: Twitter)

The news conference began more than two hours late, and DeWine started to speak at the same time Lambert had to do a live broadcast from the back of the gym, according to Preston Swigart, a photojournalist with Lambert.

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Evan Lambert Wikipedia Explored

Evan is married to his beloved husband, David McMichael. His bio revealed that he is now a Washington Correspondent to News Nation. 

Evan Lambert is a verified user on Instagram. His account can be found with the handle name @evanlamberttv. He has 3524 followers, along with 431 posts so far.

Similarly, Evan’s husband, David, is a Trainer and an Equinox instructor. Likewise, he is also a sweat box. For further details, you can check out David’s Instagram profile. His handle name is @davidinthedistrict. He has 2065 followers along with 156 posts.

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Evan Lambert Arrest News 

As for the details of Evan Lambert’s arrest news, the news conference was supposed to begin at 3 pm, but it was pushed back until about 5 pm when Lambert was supposed to go on air.

Lambert appeared to cooperate when they requested to stop recording and halted the live shot. Then, the bystander video showed four white Police officers approaching Lambert, who is Black.

Evan Lambert Ethnicity
A screenshot of the official statement made by the media, News Station’s Bureau Chief, Mike Viqueira after Lambert’s arrest. (Source: Twitter)

Lambert had finished his live shot and was explaining what he was doing to authorities who had pulled him aside, according to NewsNation. When the cops look unfazed by Lambert’s explanation, they move toward the door and begin invading more of his personal space.

Over the concerns of reporters who repeatedly asked authorities why the Journalist was being arrested, cops carried Lambert away to a Police vehicle.

According to court documents, Lambert was charged with criminal trespass and resisting arrest. After posting a $750 bond, he was freed late Wednesday evening.

Since his arrest and release, we are yet to learn more from Evan Lambert himself. It is understandable whatever happened to him so we shall learn more of his wellbeing once he is back in the media.

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