Lois Riess Wikipedia Bio, Where Is He Now? Age And Case Details

Lois Riess

People are interested in Lois Riess Wikipedia because the case has been going on for over four years. They also want to know more about the case and where she is now.

Lois Riess is a convicted murderer from Minnesota, United States. In 2018, Riess gained national attention after being accused of killing her husband.

She then fled to Florida, where she allegedly killed a woman named Pamela Hutchinson to assume her identity.

Riess was apprehended by authorities in Texas a few days later and was deported to Florida to face trial for the murder of Hutchinson.

In December 2021, Riess was sentenced to life in prison without the chance of parole for the murder of Hutchinson.

Lois Riess Wikipedia Bio and age

Lois Ann Riess was born on February 28, 1962, in Blooming Prairie, Minnesota, USA. She grew up in the same town and lived there with her husband, David Riess, who worked as a worm farmer.

The couple had been together for over 25 years and had three children and five grandchildren.

Lois developed a gambling addiction and frequently visited casinos, earning her the nickname “Losing Streak Lois” by the local Police.

Lois Riess Wikipedia
Lois Riess (Source: Twitter)

In early 2018, Lois shot her husband to death. She then fled the scene and went on the run. While on the run, she stole her victim’s identity and went to a casino in Iowa, where she won several thousand dollars.

She was eventually caught in Texas and charged with murder and theft. Lois’s case received national attention, and she became known as the “Killer Grandma.”

Although Lois’s crimes garnered national attention, there is limited information about her personal and occupational history, except for her struggles with gambling addiction and marriage to David.

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Where Is Lois Riess Now? 

Lois, a notorious criminal, also called the “Gambling Grandma,” is currently serving a life sentence without any chance of parole in the Minnesota Correctional Facility in Shakopee, Minnesota.

Her conviction for first-degree murder, grand theft, and identity theft in the deaths of her husband, David Riess, and a Florida woman named Pamela Hutchinson occurred in 2020.

lois riess
Lois Riess mugshot (Source: Twitter)

After a nationwide manhunt, authorities arrested Riess in Texas in April 2018.

She faced charges in Florida concerning Hutchinson’s death but was later extradited to Minnesota to face charges in her husband’s murder.

After pleading guilty to both charges, Riess was sentenced to life in prison in August 2021.

Lois Riess Case Details

The case involving Lois began in March 2018 when she was accused of murdering her husband, David Riess, at their home in Blooming Prairie, Minnesota.

This incident lit up a nationwide manhunt for Riess, who had been on the run since David was found dead at their home on March 23.

David’s body was found after his business partner at the Prairie Wax Worm Farm asked Dodge County Police to check on him.

The partner said that no one at work had seen David Riess for more than two weeks, which made people suspicious.

After being on the run for several weeks, on April 5, 2018, Riess was spotted at a restaurant in Fort Myers Beach, Florida. There, she met Pamela Hutchinson, a 59-year-old woman from Bradenton, Florida.

Lois Riess
Lois Riess pleaded guilty (Source: News-press)

Riess is suspected of killing Hutchinson after building a close friendship with her to assume her identity and flee from the authorities.

Hutchinson was found dead in her hotel room on April 9, 2018, also from multiple gunshot wounds, in South Florida.

Following the murder of Hutchinson, Riess fled once again and was eventually captured by authorities at a restaurant in South Padre Island, Texas, on April 19, 2018. She was deported to Florida to face trial for the murder of Hutchinson.

In September 2021, Riess was found guilty of first-degree murder, grand theft car, and identity theft in the death of Hutchinson.

She was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for the murder of Hutchinson in December 2021. Additionally, Riess faces a second-degree murder charge in Minnesota.

Riess apologized to her husband’s family and friends before she was sentenced. According to reports, she said she shouldn’t have killed him and that her actual sentence was living without her husband.

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