Kentucky Ballistics Accident Gun: Scott DeShields Jr Injury And Health 2023

Kentucky Ballistics Accident

The Kentucky Ballistics accident, involving a gun explosion during a video shoot, brought attention to the risks associated with firearms experimentation.

Kentucky Ballistics is also known as Scott DeShields. He is a YouTuber from the United States who joined YouTube on May 14, 2010.

Kentucky is known for creating firearms-related content, comedy, and experiments. With over one million subscribers, he shows new and often powerful firearms.

Scott tests the firearms against various items on the range, such as canned foods, ballistic gel blocks, pineapples, watermelons, and more.

Moreover, In 2018, Kentucky focused on automotive content and vlogs. The channel shows the various vehicles Scott and his father owned, providing viewers with insights into their automotive.

DeShields handles two YouTube channels where he shares exciting content to entertain and educate his audience with unique and engaging content.

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Kentucky Ballistics Accident: Gun Explosion

Kentucky Ballistics accident highlighted the risks associated with testing firearms. He had a scary accident during a video shoot.

Kentucky Ballistics accident
Kentucky Ballistics accident that almost took his life focuses on safety during firearms testing. (Source: YouTube)

Scott, who runs Kentucky Ballistics, was trying out a Serbu RN-50 rifle on April 9, 2021. Something went wrong at the time.

The gun exploded, and in the video, peopel can see debris flying and hitting Scott. A piece of metal about one inch big went through his neck and cut his jugular vein.

Moreover, the explosion made a hole in his right lung. The dangerous incident, caught on camera, shows these experiments’ risks.

DeShields Jr spent eight days in the hospital. Furthermore, he has multiple surgeries and needs five units of blood.

According to the Youtuber, the gun was working fine. Nonetheless, the likely cause was some very old and uncommon ammunition that was not behaving normally.

Kentucky’s fans were worried for his health. People were seeking his health updates and supporting him in his recovery.

Fortunately, the Star did not have to face any long-term issues. He has several injuries that need special attention.

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Kentucky Ballistics Scott DeShields Jr Injury

Following the gun explosion, DeShields suffered severe injuries that required immediate medical attention.

Kentucky Ballistics Accident
Kentucky Ballistics was rushed to the hospital by his father after his gun exploded, severely injuring him. (Source: Yahoo News)

The impact of the explosion led to the collapse of his right lung, the breaks of his right orbital bone and nose, and blindness in his right eye.

Scott’s protective gear could not prevent the steel cap from gun hitting his face. His quick-thinking father, who was present during the incident, rushed him to the emergency room.

Moreover, The Famous YouTuber’s father used his thumb to stop the bleeding from a hole in his neck. The doctors later emphasized that his father’s immediate action likely saved his life.

Scott, with over 1.75 million YouTube subscribers, considers himself fortunate to survive such a traumatic event.

After initial treatments, including intubation and draining of the lung, DeShields Jr was airlifted to Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville for further medical care.

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Kentucky Ballistic Health Update 2023

The owner of Kentucky Ballistic Channel has made an inspiring recovery in 2023 after a challenging period.

Following health setbacks, The content creator is back and entirely healed. His determination is commendable, showing a positive spirit that resonates with his devoted fanbase.

Nonetheless, Scott Jr. has returned to doing what he loves. He produced engaging content that combines forearms, experiments, and a touch of humor.

The supportive community that rallied behind Kentucky during his recovery played a crucial role in his journey.

The video creator, grateful for the unwavering support, is now working hard. He is dedicated to bringing joy and entertainment to his audience.

It is heartening to see Kentucky back in action, sharing his content. The journey of recovery and strength serves as an inspiration.

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