What Happened To Jerma985? Age Height Real Name And Wikipedia Bio

what Happened To Jerma985

Jerma985 is a popular twitch streamer, who is much loved by the audience for gaming walkthroughs along with his sense of humor. Jerma’s fans are raising questions regarding What happened to Jerma985, his first channel?

 Jeremy985 is an American live streamer, YouTuber, and voice actor popularly known as Jerma. The streamer’s main content is gaming and has more than 3 million followers across different platforms.

The old but not-so-constant viewers are often left puzzled when they find Jeremy985’s inactiveness on YouTube. The last video on Jeremy985 is 5 years ago.

Let us be clear about What happened to Jerma985.

What Happened To Jerma985?

Good news to the confused souls nothing unfortunate has happened to the eccentric personality. Jeremy985 is Jerma’s first channel and is no longer active.

However, the streamer has his second channel “2ndJerma” on which he constantly posts his gaming walkthrough, parodies, and reviews. On September 11th, 2016, 2ndJerma, was brought into existence.

As Jerma had planned the second channel to be designated for highlights of Jerma’s streams, while the main channel was planned to be for content that Jerma really puts his mind and heart to.

Eventually, the plan didn’t work out and now the main channel now acts as an archive. The 2nd channel is still in use as was originally intended.

The first video on Jeremy985 is entitled “TF2 – Spy: Goldrush (First Commentary)”, In the video Jerma played TF2 as the Spy and introduced himself to YouTube.

After 931 videos, “Jerma Rumble Live” was the last video he uploaded to his main channel, and it marked the end of his life as a Youtuber. Now Jeremy focuses almost entirely on streaming on Twitch leaving his old channel, Jeremy985 to rust.

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What Happened To Jerma985?
Jerma at the TBH w/ JHB on Nov 24, 2022.(Source: Twitter)

At present, his main input as well as output is on Twitch, in the form of streams. Each stream could be anywhere from 5-12 hours and the viewers enjoy every part of it. Thanks to his joyful nature and sense of humor to keep the crowd entertained.

jerma985 real name And age 

Jerma’s real name is Jeremy Elbertson. Jerma was born on September 22, 1985, to Irish and Polish parents. The streamer is 37 years old.

However, more information about his parents is kept secret by the streamer. Similarly, Jerma seems to be single as of now.

Jerma stands 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 70 kilograms. Due to his unconvincing height and Jeremy’s absurd humor itself, he is regularly part of the jokes of his audience. They call him “the smallest streamer” as a joke.

What Happened To Jerma985
Jerma has a merch business as well. (Source: JermaMerch)

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jerma985 Wikipedia bio

Jerma was born in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S. in a well-settled family. Jerma lived in his birthplace until 2018, when he moved to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Although he did not sit in front of his computer as a professional in his early days after graduating with a Bachelor of Science in communication studies, Jerma became a substitute teacher and was a freelance wedding videographer. 

At  The Streamer Awards 2022 he won the Best Streamed Event award for his “The Jerma985 Dollhouse”. In the same event, he also won the League of Their Own.

Similarly in 2023, in the same event, he got nominated for the “Streamer of the Year” and the “Best Streamed Event” for his Jerma Baseball Stream. Although he didn’t win it but did not have to return home empty-handed as he won the Legacy Award

Now the streamer is among the most liked gaming figure with almost 894K subscribers in his first channel and alone 710k subscribers in his 2nd channel. He is also much loved on Twitch with around 1.3 Million followers.

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