Kentucky Ballistics Accident Gun Incident Leading To Fatal Injury

Kentucky Ballistics Accident

The “Kentucky Ballistics Accident” is a tragic incident that unfolded during a firearm test, resulting in a devastating gun incident that led to fatal injuries.

Kentucky Ballistics is a popular YouTube channel hosted by Scott DeShields Jr., known for its content centered around firearms, ammunition, and ballistic tests.

With over 3.85 million subscribers, the channel gained a significant following due to its engaging firearm-related experiments and reviews.

YouTube regularly posts videos testing and reviewing different guns and ammo, showcasing various firearms in action.

The channel provides enthusiasts with thorough demonstrations and insights into an array of firearms and accessories.

Through his daring ballistics tests and energetic personality, Scott has built a substantial audience of over 3 million subscribers fascinated by guns and ammunition.

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Kentucky Ballistics Accident

In April 2021, Kentucky Ballistics, aka Scott,” suffered a horrific accident while filming a video for his YouTube channel. He was test-firing a Serbu RN-50 rifle using ammunition that he noted was “acting a little funny.”

As he fired the last round, the ammunition exploded.

The force of the explosion sent the YouTuber’s protective goggles and cap flying, and the solid steel cap on the rifle smashed into his face.

Kentucky Ballistics Accident
Upon arrival at a local hospital, Scott DeShields Jr.’s lung collapsed, necessitating intubation. (Source: Daily Mail)

He wrote on Instagram,

“A one-inch piece of metal blew through my neck, lacerating my jugular vein and puncturing a hole in my right lung. My right lung would later fill with blood and collapse. My right orbital bone broke in three places, and my nose broke. I went blind in my right eye instantly.”

His father, who was filming behind the camera, rushed him to the emergency room.

DeShields had to use his thumb to cover a hole in his neck to stop the bleeding. Doctors later told Scott that this act likely saved his life.

Kentucky Ballistics Gun Incident Leading To Fatal Injury

The incident occurred while Scott was testing a Serbu RN-50 rifle for a YouTube video on April 9, 2021. He noted that some of the ammunition he was using that day seemed to be malfunctioning.

When he fired the last round, the ammunition exploded in the rifle, causing severe injuries.

Kentucky Ballistics Accident
In a video,  Scott DeShields Jr. was seen wearing a bandage over his nose and his left arm in a cast. (Source: Daily Mail)

The explosion sent shrapnel into his neck, puncturing his jugular vein and lung. It also caused facial injuries, including broken bones and blindness in one eye.

He believes the ammunition he was using had been tampered with or was defective, leading to the life-threatening explosion.

Kentucky Ballistics Case Details

The aftermath of the accident was extremely serious. Scott, famously known as “Kentucky Ballistics, was hospitalized and on a ventilator. He documented his experience on Instagram.

He explained how his right lung had filled with blood and collapsed, highlighting the dire state of his injuries.

The YouTuber’s dad, who was filming at the time, played a crucial role in saving his life.

He rushed Scott to the ER and used his thumb to apply pressure to the wound in Scott’s neck to stop the bleeding. Doctors later said this quick action likely kept Scott alive.

DeShields Jr.’s condition was so severe that he had to be airlifted to a hospital in Nashville.

There, trauma surgeons made the bold decision to completely open his ribcage to remove debris, fix his lung, and repair his jugular vein.

Kentucky Ballistics Accident
Kentucky Ballistics demonstrated the weapons he used that day and the damage they caused. (Source: Daily Mail)

Throughout the ordeal, he lost a massive amount of blood. Doctors told him most people would not have survived the same injuries.

The physical and emotional impact of the accident was immense. He demonstrated resilience as he posted updates on his recovery, including a scar between his pec muscles.

DeShields Jr. noted the slow healing of his ribcage, saying he felt drained of energy and had pins in his finger. Yet he stayed positive, thankful that his condition was improving.

Despite the trauma, Scott expressed gratitude to be alive and a new perspective.

He shared excitement about returning to life with a “new flavor” and embraced his recovery journey as “Scott 2.0.”

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