Justin Merriman Mother: Meet Beverlee Sue Merriman Father And Murder Case Update

Justin Merriman Mother and murder case update

Murder defendant Justin Merriman mother and parents’ topic is the most emerging topic raised online. People are eager to learn about his story. Let’s reveal if the murder accused’s life is a pattern of drugs and violence.

Murder-accused man Justin Merriman is one of the country’s unique and mysterious cases to watch out for since the story has honed the audience since day one. 

Reportedly, Justin Merriman, then 15, in the 1987 summer began hanging out with a teenage boys group, later forming a skinhead gang. He and his group boys were loyal “brothers” who backed each other in fights.

They gave each other nicknames. Justin received the moniker “Mumbles” because apparently, he muttered. 

Eventually, the gang earned a reputation as violent street brawlers who carried out racially motivated attacks. Several founding members eventually went to state prison on assault charges.

Justin Merriman landed in the juvenile hall not long after joining the gang. He went to prison for vandalizing and breaking windows at a Jewish temple, as per the court testimony.

By this time, Justin Merriman was 18 and was sent to be incarcerated in a juvenile detention facility in Chino. His story gained recognition for its mystery, crime, plot, and twists.

Further, as we dive into details about the famous character Justin Merriman, we can’t miss learning about his parents and backstory. So, get a detailed overview & insight into the life of Justin Merriman and his trending headlines.

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Meet Justin Merriman Mother Beverlee Sue Merriman And Father

Justin Merriman was born Carson Justin Robison in July 1972. His parents are from Ojai. Justin was the first child of Carson and Beverlee Sue Robison. His parents have two kids, meaning he has a sibling.

However, his parents’ marriage didn’t last. According to County court records, Merriman’s mother and father separated when he was 9 months old. Also, prosecutors went after his father for failing to pay child support.

Merriman’s mother later tied the knot with a construction company owner Earl Dean Merriman. Her second husband also adopted her two children.

Merriman, with his mother and step-father, lived in a three-bedroom house in Casitas Springs. His mother admitted him to a local school and a Baptist church in Oak View.

Justin Merriman Mother Beverlee Sue Merriman
Justin Merriman was involved in criminal activities from a young age. (Source: Hindustan Times)

However, Merriman had troubles at home. In 1982, his mother’s second husband, Dean Merriman, filed for divorce. Dean accused his mother of taking $57,000 from his business. Later, the case was dismissed.

In 1987, Justin’s mother, Beverlee Sue Merriman, filed for divorce. She also sought a restraining order against her husband, revealing in a court declaration, “He has threatened to kill us. He grabbed and attempted to choke me on at least one occasion during the past few months.”

Furthermore, Beverlee Sue Merriman alleged that her husband threatened to burn down the house and use his company’s bulldozers to demolish their belongings.

Besides, she referred to her son’s troubles in a declaration filed in her 1998 divorce case, reading, “The probation officer insisted that he go live with his father.”

Also, the couple received marriage counseling for several years, and their son participated in 22 sessions during an eight-month period. 

Psychologist Tom Prinz wrote in a letter, “The primary goal of this counseling was to help Justin deal more appropriately with his anger, develop a healthier relationship with his parents, and help him while in juvenile hall.” 

Four months later, his mother, Beverlee Sue Merriman, filed for divorce again, declaring that she’d given up hope of reconciliation. The woman described her husband’s behavior as violent and fueled by substance abuse.

Her son Justin Merriman spent two years in state prison. Later, he was released on parole in March 1992 and headed back to his mother’s condominium in Ventura.

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Justin Merriman Murder Case Update

Murder accused Justin Merriman has spent most of his life behind bars since age 17. Ventura County jury decision send him to prison for life.

As per reports and other online sources, jurors deliberated if Merriman was an accused murderer. Allegedly, the 28-year-old skinhead gang member raped and slit the throat of a community college student. Reportedly, the victim was 20 years old.

Murder Case Update
Justin Merriman was accused of first-degree murder. (Source: India Today)

According to the case, defense lawyers accepted in closing arguments that Merriman murdered the victim, Katrina Montgomery, after a party. The defense prescribed that it was a sudden and unplanned attack and pleaded for a finding of second-degree murder.

Two Sylmar gang members who claimed they saw the defendant cited testimony saying the killing was premeditated, indeed a first-degree murder. 

Prosecutors claimed that Merriman was downright evil. They said, “He is a sexual predator and violent gang member, caring only about himself.”

While, defense attorneys revealed that their client was a rash, immature man. He was addled to drugs and prison culture for most of his life.

Even as the man attempts to stand up to his criminal tormentors, he faced risk around every corner. The story, with its many-decade narrative, seems like a crime thriller.

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