CBS: David Pogue Net Worth – How Rich Is He? Career Earnings

David Pogue Net Worth and career earnings

Netizens are eager to learn about David Pogue Net Worth as he makes headlines for traveling on the missing OceanGate Titanic sub. David Pogue is an American technology, science author, and CBS TV Reporter. 

Famous American science writer, David Welch Pogue, shortly David Pogue, writes the “Crowdwise” column for The New York Times’s Smarter Living section.

Also, he is an Emmy-winning CBS News Sunday Morning correspondent.

Pogue has hosted 18 Nova programs on PBS. Besides his show on PBS, the man has hosted NOVA ScienceNow, Hunting the Elements in 2012, and the Making Stuff series in 2011 and 2013.

Moreover, Pogue is a science author and has released and collaborated on seven For Dummies books.

Similarly, his Missing Manual line of computer how-to books now has more than 100 titles and covers various Mac and Windows operating systems and apps. He began publishing the book series in 1999.

Pogue announced his departure from The New York Times on 21 October 2013, after serving for 13 years. Eventually, he joined Yahoo! and planned to launch a new consumer technology website.

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David Pogue Net Worth – Career Earnings Revealed

American technology and science writer David Pogue is undoubtedly rich and famous. However, the man has kept his fortune details under wraps as he doesn’t like to flex his wealth publicly. 

Following the missing sub tragedy, TV presenter Pogue has been in the limelight. Some sources, including AllFamousBirthday and BuzzLearn, have mentioned his net worth between $1 to $5 million.

But, the man himself hasn’t verified the tall claim, so there’s doubt regarding the claim. Besides, sources claim that his primary source of earning is his television career. 

As suggested by the Paradise News article in 2021, Pogue earns $400 Thousand annually. Same as other sources, it is challenging to verify the tall claims. 

David Pogue Net Worth
David Pogue’s Net Worth is a mystery. (Source: CBS News)

Likewise, Journalist Mr. Pogue works out of Westport, Connecticut. He is a writer for a personal technology column for Scientific American and The New York Times.

He also serves as the host of the PBS science program “Nova.” He received his Yale degree in summa cum laude. 

The Emmy-winning CBS News correspondent could enjoy a lavish life away from the limelight. 

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David Pogue Mission Explored

David Pogue and crew recently covered headlines as the Titanic tourist submersible went missing. 

According to CBS Sunday Morning reporter David Pogue, the crew had to use a video game controller to search their way after becoming lost for at least two and a half hours.

An experienced passenger revealed that the tourist submarine that was lost 12,500 feet below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean had vanished before.

The submersible vanished while on an expedition to the Titanic. The rescue crews and U.S. Coast Guard were seeking debris. According to sources, more than eight hours was passed since the vessel last made contact.

Also, science writer David Pogue was on board when the submersible went missing for over two hours the previous year. For the show, the TV personality captured the event on camera.

After hanging on through some harsh weather at sea for six days, the team could finally attempt a dive when the skies cleared and the waves quieted enough.

When lowered into the sea, Pogue was one of six people aboard the Oceangate submersible.

David Pogue Wife And Dating History

Let’s now look at David Pogue’s married life and wife, Nicole Vosshall. Reportedly, David Pogue tied the knot with Nicole Vosshall Dugan on a Saturday night in 2013 at the Beltane Ranch in Glen Ellen, California.

Dugan, 44, serves as the OutCast Agency’s vice president for accounts in San Francisco and New York. His wife earned a degree from Lancaster, Pennsylvania’s Franklin & Marshall College.

She is the stepdaughter of the late Harry B. Watton II and Janet D. Watton of Randolph Center. Her biological father is the late Gerhard W. Vosshall.

David Pogue Wife Nicole Vosshall
David Pogue with his Wife Nicole Vosshall. (Source: NY Times)

However, David Pogue’s former wife, Jennifer Pogue, has stayed out of the spotlight. The two tied the knot in 1995 and divorced in 2011.

They have also been charged with misbehavior as a result of a domestic argument that took place at their house.

As suggested by CBS Local, Jennifer had shown up unannounced when David visited their shared children.

According to The New York Times, David married Nicole Vosshall Dugan in 2013 following the divorce of Jennifer and him and their settlements.

As the vice president for accounts at the public relations agency OutCast Agency in San Francisco and New York, David’s second and present wife was involved.

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