Ben Aronoff Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is He?

Ben Aronoff Wikipedia And Age

Late speedboat racer and multimillionaire Ben Aronoff Wikipedia and age are the most emerging topic raised online. The Speed Kills’s fans are eager to learn about his story. Let’s reveal if the film is based on a true story.

The Speed Kills fame character Ben Aronoff is one of the industry’s unsolved and mysterious cases to watch out for since the story has honed the audience since day one. 

Reportedly, Aronoff, played by Actor, John Travolta (last name Don Aronow), made his debut as the character in the 2018 film Speed Kills.

Jodi Scurfield directed film gained recognition for its mystery, plots, and twists.

The 2018 American crime drama film stars John Travolta in the lead role as Ben Aronoff. Based on the story, Aronoff is a speedboat racer and multimillionaire. He was murdered in 1987. 

Further, as we dive into details about the famous character Ben Aronoff, we can’t miss learning about his age and story. So, get a detailed overview & insight into the life of Ben Aronoff and his trending headlines.

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Ben Aronoff Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is He?

Fictionalized version, Ben Aronoff, is the character based on the 2018 crime drama film Speed Kills.

Speed Kills is a 2018 film based on the speedboat champion racer and multimillionaire Ben Aronoff. Aronoff lives a double life, landing him in trouble.

Renowned actor John Travolta plays Ben Aronoff’s character, and he justifies the character through his acting.

The Actor was born on 18 February 1954. He is 70 as of 2024.

Travolta’s breakthrough role came with her portrayal of Ben Aronoff in the 2018 film Speed Kills. The talented Actor managed to captivate the audience with his impressive performance in the film. 

Ben Aronoff Wikipedia
John Travolta plays Ben Aronoff’s role in Speed Kills. (Source: TV Guide)

As it turns out, Ben Aronoff was a speedboat racer. He arrived in Miami and began his speedboat manufacturing empire in the 1960s. 

Apparently, Speed Kills is based on the true story of a boat builder and racer Donald Joel Aronow. As mentioned by the sources, the man launched Magnum Marine in 1966 in Florida.

Reportedly, his company’s high-speed boats won an astonishing number of races, and he often raced himself too. A few of the popular models included the Cary, Cigarette, Donzi, and Formula speedboats.

Speaking with facts, Aronow’s boats won an astonishing 350 offshore races. As shown in the film, the boat builder won several championships, including being the U.S. offshore racing champion three times.

Aronow, 59, was murdered on 3 February 1987 when an assailant drove up and blocked his white Mercedes, shooting three times and killing him in the process.

The incident took place around 4 pm in the middle of the street.

Intriguingly, years after, people responsible for Aronow’s killing were discovered. Makers say the enigmatic central character of Speed Kills has a real-life inspiration.

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Is Speek Kills Based On Ben Aronoff A True Story?

Jodi Scurfield directed the 2018 American crime drama film Speed Kills. John Travolta starred film is based on Arthur J. Harris’s book of the exact name, on the life of Donald Aronow, fictionalized as “Ben Aronoff.”

The action-drama movie ‘Speed Kills’ follows the story of prolific speedboat designer and businessman Ben Aronoff. In the story, the man builds his empire in the beautiful Miami city in the Sunshine State.

The film begins with Aronoff moving to Miami with plans to “succeed,’ and he attempts to win precisely that over the next few decades.

The larger-than-life speedboat mogul wins several iconic boat races in vessels of his self-design and turns into one of the well-known faces of Florida’s rich and powerful.

Speed Kills true story
Speed Kills is based on the life of Donald Aronow, fictionalized as Ben Aronoff. (Source: YouTube)

However, Aronoff’s boats attract drug smugglers’ attention, and he soon finds entangled in their murky affairs.

Even as the man attempts to stand up to his criminal tormentors, he faces risk around every corner. The story, with its many-decade narrative, seems just biographical. 

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