Ibrahim Kaskar: Dawood Ibrahim Father Job And Siblings

Dawood Ibrahim Father

Who is Dawood Ibrahim Father? His father is Ibrahim Kaskar, and his mother is Amina Bi, who died due to unexplained reasons.

Dawood Ibrahim is an Indian mob boss, drug lord, and terrorist from Mumbai. The Indian government is seeking his arrest.

The mob boss founded the D-company. His company was an organized crime syndicate which managed criminal activities.

He has charges against him. Dawood is accused of murder, extortion, targeted killing, drug trafficking, and terrorism. 

India and the United States labeled him a global terrorist in 2003. They have offered a $25 million reward for his suspected involvement in the 1993 Bombay Bombings.

In 2017, both the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation and Forbes ranked him as the third most wanted fugitive in the world.

Recently, the Pakistani government included Dawood and 87 others on its sanction list to avoid FATF sanctions.

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Who Is The Dawood Ibrahim’s Father, Ibrahim Kaskar?

The Most Wanted Dawwod’s family consists of his parents and siblings. Dawood Ibrahim’s father is the late Ibrahim Kasker.

Dawood Ibrahim Father
Dawood Ibrahim with his late Father Ibrahim Kasker. (Source: WikiBio)

His father had a career as a head constable with the Mumbai Police. Moreover, Mr. Ibrahim served the community in a law enforcement capacity.

Unfortunately, Dawood Ibrahim’s father passed away in 1987, and his mother, Amina B, died in 1999. People who knew his father remember him as a hardworking man.

Mr. Ibrahim used to come home late and chat with his friends while smoking a cigarette. One of his oldest friends said that Ibrahim had no bad habits.

Mr. Kasker never talked about his son Dawood’s criminal activities. After he got involved in crime, he could not even look into his father’s eyes.

The law enforcement authorities questioned the late Ibrahim about Dawood and his family. However, Dawwod’s father was assured protection.

Dawood’s family had to deal with police investigations in their homes because of his criminal deeds that were hard to conceal.

Even after the drug dealer’s parents died, he continued his illegal activities. Still, in 2023, he is being searched as a wanted criminal.

Ibrahim’s family has more than one criminal in their household. Dawoo,d along with his elder brother,r was linked to the underworld.

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Dawood Ibrahim Siblings

Dawood Ibrahim has a large number of siblings. Among his siblings, there are eight of his brothers.

Dawood Ibrahim Father
Dawood Ibrahim is the most wanted criminal in India. (Source: The Sun)

Shabir Ibrahim Kasker was Dawood’s elder brother, a prominent Indian Criminal. His brother died in 1981.

The Enforcement Directorate arrested Dawood’s other brother, Iqbal Kasker. He was jailed in a money laundering case linked to Dawood and his associates.

Fugitive Don’s brother,r Noora Ibrahi,m died in his late 50s. He was battling with a kidney ailment and passed away.

Mumbai Police want Anis Ibrahim, The gangster’s brother, for 24 cases. He is accused of murder, drug trafficking, extortion, etc.

The wanted don’s younger brothers, Sabir Ahmad and Mohammed Humayoo,n have passed away. They died due to unexplained reasons.

Mustaqueem Ali, Ibrahim’s brother,r is all settled in Dubai. There is a rumor that he is handling the D company founded by his brother.

Apart from his brothers, the mobster has four sisters. They are Haseena Parker, Saeeda Parkar, Farzanja Tungekar, and Mumta Shaikh.

Haseena Parker, who was close to her brother Dawood, is called Lady Don of Mumbai. She was interrogated after her brother fled to Dubai after a Bomb blast.

The Wanted Thug’s sister,r Haseen, died in 2014. There was a movie dedicated to her life story in Bollywood.

Dawood’s younger sister, Saeeda Parker, Farzana Tungekar, and Mumtaz Shaik,h are not publicly known. They try to avoid media as much as possible.

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