Jordan Peterson Kids, Mikhaila Peterson And Julian Peterson

Jordan Peterson Kids

Who are Jordan Peterson kids? The Canadian psychologist’s family life is one of the most trendy topics, as many are trying to take a closer look at his personal life. 

Jordan Peterson is a famous Canadian psychologist and author. Besides his psychological career, he gained fame serving as a media commentator.

In 2010, Peterson’s conservative stance on social and political issues drew considerable attention. Likewise, he has identified as a traditionalist and a conservative British liberal.

Jordan was born and raised in Alberta. Similarly, he graduated from the University of Alberta with bachelor’s degrees in political science and psychology.

Eventually, Peterson received his Doctorate in clinical psychology from McGill University.

The viral psychologist returned to Canada in 1998. Also, he took a position as a psychology professor at the University of Toronto. Moreover, he studied and instructed at Harvard University.

Peterson released his first book, Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief 1999. Likewise, his debut book inspired many of his following lectures.

Peterson’s book examines belief and meaning systems, combining psychology, religion, mythology, philosophy, literature, and neuroscience.

Moreover, Jordan researched familial alcoholism and its related psychopathologies. Similarly, he explored child and adolescent violence and hyperactivity at the Douglas Hospital and McGill University.

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Jordan Peterson Kids, Mikhaila Peterson, Julian Peterson

Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson tied the knot with Tammy Roberts in 1989. Likewise, the lovely pair shares two kids, Mikhaila and Julian Peterson.

Mikhaila is the only daughter of Jordan Peterson. Similarly, her daughter followed in her father’s footsteps.

Mikhaila sees her father as an inspiration. The talented daughter is a political commentator, podcaster, and educational speaker.

Besides her several professions, Mikhaila is involved in diet and lifestyle blogging.

Jordan Peterson Kids family
Jordan Peterson Kids: The Canadian psychologist with his father and granddaughter. (Source: Instagram)

Jordan Peterson’s daughter hosts The Mikhaila Peterson Podcast, where she addresses different viewpoints on contentious issues. Also, Mikhaila allows the audience to see all aspects.

Moreover, Jordan Peterson kids participate in and highly support the lion diet.

Mikhaila adopted the diet after being chronically ill for over two decades. Sadly, she followed two more years of withdrawal from antidepressants.

The psychologist’s daughter shared information about her health during her 5th anniversary as a carnivore in December 2022.

Mikhaila revealed that she consumed only beef, bison, and lamb for the last sixty months. Moreover, she avoids taking medications and has no arthritic symptoms.

Mikhaila requested everyone to visit the Lion Diet website for further recipes. If you are guessing how many recipes for beef, there can be over 30 recipes.

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Jordan Peterson’s Wife And Married Life

Jordan Peterson’s wife, Tammy Roberts Peterson, was born on 3 June 1965. Likewise, Jordan first met Tammy at the tender age of eight.

The romantic couple shared a childhood in Alberta, Canada. Reportedly, Jordan convinced his father about his decision to marry Tammy when he was barely 11 years old.

Jordan confessed that he fell in love at first sight. Similarly, the lovely couple tied the knot in 1989. Fortunately, the romantic pair’s married life ages like a fine wine. 

Tammy served as a licensed massage therapist before helping her husband as an advisor. After she turned 30, Tammy took in several children from orphanages across communities as a foster mom.

Tammy Peterson, 53, hardly ever uses social media. Also, it’s no secret that Tammy’s spouse is the one who is more visible among the two.

Jordan Peterson kids Illness: Daughter Mikhaila Peterson Health Update

Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson’s daughter, Mikhaila, was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRC). Sadly, she was only seven at the time.

Jordan Peterson’s daughter claimed that her symptoms began when she was two.

Mikhaila was supplied an SSRI prescription at 12 after being diagnosed with severe depression (turned bipolar type 2). Hence, she required a hip and ankle replacement due to a JRC diagnosis at 17.

Jordan Peterson kids Sick
Jordan Peterson kids: The Canadian psychologist’s only daughter, Mikhaila, tied the knot on 28 May 2022. (Source: Instagram)

Mikhaila survived several other grueling procedures while she was a teenager. This caused her to become dependent on Oxycontin briefly.

Jordan’s wife introduced her daughter to a naturopath when she was 23.

After two years, Mikhaila experienced symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. Hence, she began paying attention to what she consumes.

Mikhaila’s melancholy subsided after three months. Fortunately, her persistent rash finally disappeared, and she stopped taking the antidepressants, which made her life tragic.

Forthwith, Mikhaila concluded that the diet that did not aggravate her arthritis was meat. Hence, she began consuming just meat. Also, she refers to her diet as “the lion diet.”

Peterson’s mother and daughter felt better but suffered cravings, cramps, and diarrhea. However, Mikhaila revealed it was much more convenient than the arthritic discomfort.

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