Hannah Ingram-Moore Net Worth: How Much? Job Career And Husband

Hannah Ingram-Moore Net Worth

Hannah Ingram-Moore net worth has been a topic of interest among the followers who are following Captain Tom Moore’s daughter’s journey closely.

Moore is a famous British personality. Likewise, she gained fame for being a well-known individual’s child. She is the daughter of Captain Tom Moore.

Moore’s father was an army personnel. Moreover, she is a director at Maytrix Group Limited.

Hannah was recently spotlighted for her abilities and diligence. Many now inquire about her financial status.

Find more about Hannah Ingram-Moore net worth and earnings via the article.

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Hannah Ingram-Moore Net Worth Explored

Hannah Ingram-Moore net worth is estimated at $172 million as of this writing. Likewise, she has gained a wealth of experiences that give her invaluable insight into juggling a professional life.

Hannah has become a global phenomenon as she is a much sought-after public speaker. Similarly, she seeks to share her knowledge and stories to inspire others.

The introduction of Captain Sir Tom Moore’s novels mentioned that the proceeds would go to the charity bearing his name.

However, the late author’s daughter Hannah Ingram-Moore has acknowledged sharing £800 thousand from the three books he published before his death.

Moreover, Moore also mentioned to TalkTV that her father had favoured that the family retain the fortune from the books in Club Nook Ltd.

Hannah Ingram-Moore Net Worth and earnings
Hannah Ingram-Moore Net Worth: The Captain Tom Foundation co-founder discussed her share in the Piers Morgan Uncensored. (Source: YouTube)

Likewise, Moore runs the family business that isn’t affiliated with the nonprofit Captain Tom Foundation.

As per the excerpts from Moore’s conversation with Piers Morgan, she stated:

These were father’s books. It was genuinely such a joy for him to write them, but they were his work.

Hannah Ingram-Moore was expected to receive $180 thousand per annum until the Charity Commission. However, upon request, it halted the transfer last summer.

Had this occurred, Moore’s pay may account for 13.68% of the first year’s revenue for the Captain Tom Foundation.

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Hannah Ingram-Moore Career

Moore gained fame for being the daughter of late Army Captain Tom Moore.

The captain’s daughter lived most of her life in Bedfordshire. Regarding her career, Hannah is in charge of Matrix, a business she co-founded that assists employers with hiring new staff.

Likewise, her company develops brands and provides training. Fame brought all-seeing and all-judging eyes that are constantly seeking something to debate.

Hannah lives a nice life as she has built a successful career from her father’s legacy.

Reportedly, the foundation’s trustees appointed Moore as their CEO without arranging a search for a replacement or holding a competition.

Moreover, the Captain Tom Foundation pays roughly the same annual salary as the top earner at the RSPCA, which is $180 thousand.

Hence, The Captain Tom Foundation makes 100 times less annually ($172 million) than the RSPCA.

Meet Hannah Ingram-Moore Husband

Hannah Ingram-Moore shares a company with her husband, Colin Ingram. Colin serves as a co-founder of the Captain Tom Foundation.

Colin became highlighted for being Hannah’s spouse. Before their marriage, he was a good friend of Moore, who assisted in founding The Captain Tom Foundation.

Besides, Colin and Hannah share two kids together. The romantic couple has a daughter named Georgia and a son named Benji.

Hannah Ingram-Moore Net Worth and family
Hannah Ingram-Moore Net Worth: The Captain Tom Foundation co-founder shares a large portion of her wealth with her husband. (Source: Daily Mail)

Hannah frequently attends public events, but Colin enjoys a low-key life. Also, it is safe to say that Hannah’s husband is not a well-known figure.

Colin gained fame as the spouse of Hannah Ingram and son-in-law of Tom Moore.

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