Is Chiefsaholic Arrested? Mugshot Wikipedia Bio And Age


People are curious to know about Chiefsaholic Arrested news. He was arrested for committing a bank robbery in Oklahoma.

Xavier Michael Babudar, popularly known as Chiefsaholic, has gained widespread attention and a devoted following for being Kansas City Chiefs superfan.

The superfan is often seen dressed in a wolf costume at the games.

However, Chiefsaholic’s fame took an unexpected turn when he was accused of committing a bank robbery in Oklahoma.

Reports indicate that the suspect wore a mask while committing the robbery. However, it is uncertain if the mask was the famous wolf mask associated with Chiefsaholic’s game-day attire.

Is Chiefsaholic Arrested? Mugshot

ChiefsAholic made headlines in December 2022 after being arrested for an attempted bank robbery in Bixby, Oklahoma, which is about 300 miles away from his home.

According to Police reports, Babudar allegedly robbed a Tulsa Teachers Credit Union bank at gunpoint while wearing a wolf mask. This led to rumors that he had worn the same mask during a game at Arrowhead Stadium.

Chiefsaholic Arrested
Chiefsaholic Arrested in a bank robbery case in December 2022 (Source: cbs19news)

Unfortunately, Babudar’s legal troubles did not end there. In March 2023, prosecutors filed additional charges against the 28-year-old after he reportedly removed his ankle monitor and skipped a court hearing.

As of now, there is still a warrant out for his arrest, with a staggering $1 million bond attached to it.

Babudar had been released on bond in February before the latest charges were filed. He now faces multiple charges, including robbery with a dangerous weapon and assault while masked or disguised.

It remains to be seen how this situation will ultimately play out. Still, it’s clear that Babudar’s actions have serious consequences and could result in significant legal penalties if he is caught.

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Chiefsaholic Wikipedia Bio

One of the most devoted fans of the Kansas City Chiefs, known as Chiefsaholic, has become a trending topic on the internet.

He is famous for dressing in a wolf costume and cheering on his favorite team during games.

Despite this, his information is unavailable online, so many people don’t know much about him. He has not shared much about himself, and his life remains a mystery.

Xaviar Babudar, also known as ChiefsAholic, is a huge fan of the Kansas City Chiefs (Source: fox23)

However, he has a strong bond with his mother and brother; the three are rarely seen apart.

Interestingly, there is some information available about Chiefsaholic’s family. His mother and brother lived in Tulsa at one point, but they left after an unclear incident.

Babudar’s recent disappearance has been a cause for concern since his ankle monitor was removed over the weekend, and he failed to appear in court.

Following this, the Tulsa County District Attorney’s Office issued a $1 million bond warrant against him.

When Babudar was arrested, he stated he was homeless and could not afford to pay for an attorney to represent him in court. In February, he pleaded not guilty and was released on bond.

It became clear that he had run away when he didn’t attend court again.

Chiefsaholic Age

Xavier Babudar is a 28-year-old man who hails from Overland Park. He is known to be a die-hard Kansas City Chiefs fan, as per reports from other Chiefs fans.

He has been a regular attendee of NFL games for years, even though court documents reveal that he grew up hundreds of miles away from Arrowhead Stadium in California.

Babudar’s love for football is not limited to the NFL. He is also an avid fan of college sports, particularly Kansas State.

ChiefsAholic is a Kansas City Chiefs superfan (Source: Marca)

Although he has posted pictures on his Twitter account of attending K-State football games last season and claimed to have participated in the school, the University has no records of his enrollment.

Kansas City Chiefs fans may recognize Babudar as ChiefsAholic, who has been a game fixture for years.

The exact number of games Babudar has attended is unknown. He has shared pictures of himself from various locations, including Arrowhead Stadium, while traveling to watch the Chiefs play nationwide.

Despite his love for football, Babudar’s recent legal issues have brought him unwanted attention. His disappearance has raised concerns, and it remains to be seen where he is and his next moves.

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