Is Strongwoman Victoria Long Transgender? Sexuality Partner Age And Instagram

Victoria Long Transgender

Strongwoman Victoria Long Transgender or straight, is the most asked online question. Victoria is a dead lifter or powerlifter from Melrose, Minnesota.

Victoria is a pro-strong woman who has competed in multiple pro-series competitions. Victoria Long is from Melrose, Minnesota, in the United States of America. Recently, Victoria set the record of lifting the Elephant bar of 656 pounds along with Tamara Walcott at the Arnold Strongwoman Classic 2023.

Both of them have set a record and will hold it together. The Arnold Strongwoman Classic, 2023, was held in Columbus, Ohia, from the 3rd to the 4th of March, 2023. From the event, people witnessed the extraordinary strength of athletes worldwide.

Day one did not go as expected, as it seemed a lacklustre day for both athletes. However, both of them showed a strong comeback on the second day, full of vengeance and managed to break the record of lifting a 656-pound bar, called the Elephant Bar Deadlift World Record.

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Is Strongwoman Victoria Long Transgender? Sexuality

Due to Victoria’s strong physical appearance, many have speculated about her gender identity as Transgender. However, the information is not confirmed by the athlete yet. And few people believe she is straight as she got married to Dennis.

Victoria Long Transgender
Victoria Long with her husband Dennis Long. (Source: Facebook)

Victoria Long was a champion of the Arnold Strongwoman Classic 2022. She was the first to lift and break the record of lifting 656 lbs. Long used the lifting straps and demonstrated remarkable strength and perfect raising execution. She has set a new bar for the Strongwoman.

Likewise, Tamara Walcott already had a record of lifting 641 lbs on the previous Arnold Strongwoman Classic championship. After Victoria raised the bar, Tamara went just after a minute without using any lifting straps and managed to lift the weight without any hassle and matched the record-setting feat of Victoria Long.

Interestingly, the two athletes used different methodologies to achieve the lift; Victoria used lifting straps, while Tamara performed without straps. The performance highlights the strength of both women, which seems exceptional and with different techniques breaking the world record.

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Victoria Long Partner

Victoria was in a relationship with an athlete called Dennis Long. They got married in 2019 and have been living together since then. Dennis is also a weight lifter.

Victoria Long Transgender
Wedding photo of Victoria Long and Dennis Long. (Source: Facebook)

He has participated in multiple competitions, too; some of his memorable achievements by Dennis are from 2021 WSM, where he got 3rd position and a competitor at 2022 Arnold Strongman.

Likewise, Victoria Long has been active since 2019 till the date. She has participated in multiple national and international games.

She has participated in four international competition and won three of them and also participated in two national competitions and won both. She also appeared in the WSW finals and finished in second position.

Victoria Long Age

The actual age of Victoria Long has been kept private till now, as the athlete herself and organizations have not revealed the age yet.

Victoria Long Transgender
Victoria Long Practice session. (Source: Facebook)

A few reports claim the age of Victoria to be 30 years, but the athlete herself does not confirm the information.

Victoria Long Instagram

Victoria is quite active on her Instagram account, with about 3800 followers. She mostly shares her daily life stuff, training sessions and events she participated in; according to her posts, she loves her dog, and there are multiple posts about her dog on Instagram and Facebook.

Victoria Long Transgender
Instagram post of Victoria Long with Dennis Long and their two dog pets. (Source: Instagram)

Victoria Long is also active on Facebook; she mostly posts photos of her dogs and events, sometimes with her husband, Dennis Long.

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