Isabel Faraldo Wikipedia and Age: How Old Is She?

Isabel Faraldo Wikipedia

Isabel Faraldo is a former councilor in A Coruña. Currently, she gained attention as she seeks to enter the Galician Parliament where the purple party does not have representation.

Faraldo served as a candidate for Marea Atlántica in the municipal elections in 2019. However, she was not elected and lost in the election.

Isabel joined as a councilor in September 2020 after the councilor Xiao Varela resigned from his post.

However, Faraldo later decided not to join the political group of the tide, as she opted for her move to the mixed group.

Recently, Faraldo is a candidate of the Podemos-Green Alliance coalition in the regional elections of 2024.

Faraldo’s biography could thoroughly investigate whether people are attracted by her recent political developments or to learn if she will win the upcoming election.

Explore the narrative as it uncovers the facts, adding to the candidate’s life and work depth in the later part of her life. Delve into Isabel Faraldo Wikipedia, accessing a wealth of information regarding her professional journey and personal life.

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Isabel Faraldo Wikipedia 

Isabel Faraldo Wikipedia covers her recent candidacy of the Podemos-Alianza Verde coalition of the Xunta de Galicia in the regional elections that are going to take place on February 18, 2024.

Isabel is a famous trade unionist and Galician politician.

Isabel Faraldo Wikipedia and Age
Isabel Faraldo Wikipedia page covers her recent candidacy in the regional elections that are going to take place on February 18, 2024. (Source: YouTube)

Reportedly, Faraldo was elected gaining the support of 41.66% of the party’s bases on December 30, 2023.

Similarly, after Podemos’s breakup with Sumar, the purple formation is for the first time alone on Galician ballots.

Moreover, Faraldo worked in a textile company. Also, she got a place in the Galician Health Service, where she served as a union representative.

However, the CIS of Tezanos, in a new survey, has suggested that the candidacy would remain outside the Pazo do Hórreo with a vote estimate of 0.3%, one-tenth less than in the study of November 25.

Faraldo is the Podemos candidate for the Xunta de Galicia. Also, she has been a member of the party since its foundation in 2014. Besides, she has been a Podemos councilor in the A Coruña City Council.

Also, Isabel Faraldo dedicates time and resources to causes that align with her values.

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Isabel Faraldo Age: How Old Is She?

Isabel Faraldo Calvo was born in 1966. Likewise, she hails from A Coruña, in the Labañou neighborhood. She is 57 years old as of this writing.

Isabel Faraldo Wikipedia age
Isabel Faraldo is a candidate of the Podemos-Green Alliance coalition in the regional elections of 2024. (Source: RTVE)

The 57-year-old Podemos candidate for the Galicia elections describes herself as having a “modest family, humble roots and simple surroundings.”

Also, she revealed that she had to start working at a young age due to family circumstances and spent 10 years working in a textile company in Galicia.

The Podemos candidate later obtained a public position in the Galician Health Service (Sergas), where she was also a union representative and, as suggested by La Voz de Galicia.

In 2005, Faraldo conducted a hunger strike to demand that the workers be equalized with the rest of the administrative staff.

Faraldo makes a valid point ensuring a “change for Galicia,” as her candidacy states.

Also, she defends public health “at the national level”, with education and universities so that the younger generation can have tools to build a better society and equality and social justice for Galicia.

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