Is Will Hurd Black – What Is His Race? Family Details And Religion

Will Hurd Ethnicity and Race

Is Will Hurd Black? is an emerging query online as people need to know more about the politician’s race, Family, and religion. Learn more about his family details and religion via this article.

Hurd is a former American CIA clandestine officer who became famous after entering American politics. He even served as the U.S. representative from 2015 to 2021. 

The United States representative for Texas’s 23rd congressional district is considering nominating himself as the 2024 presidential candidate. 

Moreover, Hurd became the only African-American Republican to represent the House of Representatives from 2019 to 2021. Also, he was the foremost expert in cybersecurity and technology. 

Hurd served in the CIA for nine years, from 2000 to 2009. The politician now believes that most voters want ordinary leaders just like them. 

Hurd enjoyed being the U.S. representative in Texas’s 23rd congressional district. 

The politician has enjoyed working in different ventures earlier. He stepped into the political world in 2010.

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Is Will Hurd Black? – Learn About His Race

People invested in politics are interested in knowing Will Hurd’s race and ethnicity. Hurd is of mixed race. His mother, Mary Alice, is white, while his Father, Robert, belongs to the African-American community. 

Famous American politician Will Hurd’s family faced discrimination in the past. They were humiliated when they first tried to buy a House in San Antonio. 

Will Hurd Black and race
Will Hurd revealed that his Father faced racial discrimination in the past. (Source: CBS News)

His Father grew up in east Texas, and the family moved to San Antonio in the 1970s. Finally, Will’s family purchased a House in the area when he was a baby. His family remained in the House, making sweet memories for almost four decades. 

Similarly, Will is very close to his family. His family supported his career in technology and computer science. 

Also, Will is the youngest in his family. He has an elder brother and sister. His older brother Chuck became a salesman like his Father. He worked at Grande Communications.

Moreover, Will’s selection in the CIA moved his family and siblings. Also, they were surprised to find out when Will decided to quit the CIA and enter politics instead. 

Will Hurd worked with the CIA stationed primarily in Washington, DC. Also, he went on missions in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India. Hurd can speak Urdu as well.

Regardless, Will’s family and siblings supported his decision, and they all were happy together.

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Will Hurd Family Details And Religion

Known politician Will Hurd, born on 19 August 1977, is the son of Robert Hurd and Mary Alice Hurd. He has two more siblings, a brother, Chuck, and a sister, Elizabeth. 

Will Hurd parents and siblings
Will Hurd with his family. (Source: Heavy)

His parents admitted him to John Marshall High School in Leon Valley, Texas. He completed his bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University, majoring in computer science.  

Hurd’s Father, Robert, faced harsh comments as a salesman in Dallas in the 1950s. The politician revealed his Father’s job as a salesman. 

His Father’s positive attitude moved Hurd even after facing harsh comments. Robert was among a few African-American salesmen in the Dallas area. Good people in the 1950s called his dad Buddy.

After that, Robert began working for a Tobacco Company. Yes, some store clerks tried to insult him while selling Lucky Strike cigarettes in the stores and gas stations. But, Hurd’s dad maintained a positive attitude everywhere.

Will said, “My Dad taught me to respect everyone the same. He preserved me and my siblings to believe in ourselves. Growing Up, he would tell me, my brother, and my sister to shake hands and come back.” 

Will’s parents, Mary Alice and Robert, met in Los Angeles through their respective job while they were working in the L.A. area. 

His mother worked in Southern California after graduating from Alexandria-Monroe High School. His dad sold textiles, and his mother, Alice, was a buyer for a cold store. Robert and Mary tied the knot in Reno, Nevada.

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