Is Rae Dawn Chong Related To Tommy Chong: Parents And Family

Rae Dawn Chong

Curious fans of the Canadian-American actress are interested in her family background and her connection to another actor. Consequently, inquiries such as “Is Rae Dawn Chong related to Tommy Chong?” are being searched.

Rae Dawn Chong is a Canadian-American actress who made her debut in the film industry with the 1978 musical drama film “Stony Island.”

Her breakthrough came in 1981, when she starred in the fantasy film “Quest for Fire,” earning her a Genie Award for Best Actress.

Throughout her career, Chong has appeared in several notable films, including “Beat Street,” “American Flyers,” “The Color Purple,” “Commando,” “Soul Man,” “The Principal,” “Tales from the Darkside,” “Time Runner,” and “Boulevard.”

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Is Rae Dawn Chong Related To Tommy Chong

Rae Dawn, the Canadian-American actress, is indeed related to comedy legend Tommy Chong.

As the oldest daughter of Tommy Chong, their familial connection has had a significant impact on her life and career.

Tommy Chong, widely recognized for his involvement in the iconic comedy duo Cheech & Chong, is the actress’s father.

Growing up with Tommy as her father has provided her with a unique perspective and early exposure to the entertainment industry.

Having a father like Tommy, known for his marijuana-themed comedy albums and movies, has undoubtedly influenced her passion for acting and contributed to her successful career in the field.

With her talent and dedication, she has carved out a path in the industry, earning recognition for her performances in various films and television shows.

Is Rae Dawn Chong Related To Tommy Chong
Pictured: Rae Dawn Chong with her father, Tommy Chong. (Source: Twitter)

While Tommy Chong has made a name for himself as a comedian, actor, musician, and activist, Rae has also established herself as a talented actress, showcasing her abilities in the entertainment world.

The familial connection to the actor is an important foundation for the actress, providing her with inspiration and opportunities to pursue her artistic dreams.

Rae Dawn Chong Parents Revealed

Rae Dawn Chong, born on February 28, 1961, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, comes from a fascinating family background.

As mentioned previously, her father is the renowned actor and comedian Tommy Chong, widely known for his involvement in the iconic comedy duo Cheech & Chong.

Tommy’s heritage comprises Chinese and Scots-Irish roots, while Rae Dawn’s mother, Maxine Sneed, represents a Black Canadian background.

This unique combination of ethnicities adds to the actress’s diverse heritage.

In 1960, Rae Dawn’s father entered into a marriage with Maxine Sneed in Canada.

Together, they raised two daughters: Rae Dawn, from Tommy Chong’s previous marriage to Gail Lewis, and Robbi Chong. However, they divorced in 1970.

Rae Dawn Chong Parents
Pictured: Rae Dawn Chong with her mother, Maxine Sneed. (Source: Instagram)

In 1975, he tied the knot with Shelby Fiddis in Los Angeles. They became the proud parents of three children: sons Paris and Gilbran, and daughter Precious Chong.

Furthermore, the couple adopted Marcus Wyatt into their family in 1978. It is worth noting that Rae Dawn, Robbi, Marcus, Paris, and Precious Chong have all pursued careers in acting. 

Rae Dawn Chong Family

Chong has a diverse and interesting family background. Her sister, Robbi Chong, is a model and actress, and they share the same mother, Maxine Sneed.

Dawn’s paternal grandfather hailed from a poor village in China and immigrated to Vancouver, Canada, in the 1930s.

However, due to racial discrimination, Chinese immigrants were mostly confined to a small area in Vancouver.

Rae has mentioned that her grandfather had a sense of racial shame, which made it challenging for the family to connect with their Chinese heritage.

However, later in life, her grandfather embraced his heritage.

Rae Dawn Chong Family
Rae Dawn Chong with her family members. (Source: Instagram)

As mentioned before, Rae Dawn Chong has a varied ethnic background that includes multiple racial heritages.

Her heritage combines Chinese, Scots-Irish, Black Canadian, and Cherokee ancestry.

Her maternal grandparents, Willa Carothers and Napoleon Sneed, were born to African-American immigrants in Canada.

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