Joan Collins Wig Or Natural Hair: Hairstyle And Transformation Through Years

Joan Collins Wig

Is Joan Collins wig real? Many people have been raising queries and speculating that Collins might always be wearing a wig.

Dame Joan Collins’s birthdate is 1993. She is an acclaimed English actress, author, and columnist known for her extensive career in film and television.

The actress has earned prestigious awards. She has achieved a Golden Globe and a People’s Choice Award.

Collins received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1983. She is recognized for her philanthropic efforts.

Joan is particularly dedicated to fighting for children’s causes. That has led to her being named a Dame by Queen Elizabeth II in 2015.

She started her acting career at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. She appeared in British films like “The Woman’s Angle”.

The English actress later joined 20th Century Fox. She gained fame in movies like “The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing” and “The Virgin Queen”.

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Joan Collins Wig Or Natural Hair?

Joan Collins possesses striking hair that often captures the attention of Onlookers. Many believe she is wearing a wig.

Joan Collins Wig
Joan Collins appears with a stunning look at the dinner party. (Source: Instagram)

The timeless actress has revealed the secret behind her ageless appearance. Surprisingly, it’s not cosmetic surgery but rather heavy make-up and a collection of wigs.

In her autobiography, Collins has discussed her wigs openly. Moreover, she has been seen dressing in wigs in various places, leading to discussions and opinions on this matter.

Some believe that Joan might have undergone hair extensions to achieve fuller looks. However, there is no concrete evidence that Collins has undergone this procedure.

The author also disclosed that she prefers wearing a wig when attending events. She said it saved her time compared to getting her hair styled.

The 90-year-old always surprises her fans with her looks. She often changes her iconic hairstyles to appear more sophisticated.

The actress is known for her beauty and stunning long brown locks.

However, in a recent Instagram post, she revealed her stunning brown hair drawing compliments from her followers.

Also, the Superstar believes in wearing fashionable outfits that scream elegance and vintage. She often wears a 1980s Saint Laurent leather Jacket that she has kept for years.

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Joan Collins Hairstyle And Transformation Through Years

Dame Joan Collins is the ageless beauty we all know. She surprised her fans with a brand new look on Instagram.

Joan Collins Wig
Joan Collins enjoys her holidays with her new iconic look. (Source: Instagram)

Instead of her usual signature updo and light fringe, the veteran actress showed stunning brown locks held back with a headband.

Joan wore a bold red lip to complete her transformed appearance and accessorized with a necklace over her black outfit.

Her fans could not get enough of her stylish change. They showered her with lots of compliments expressing their admiration for her new hairstyles.

In a 2017 interview on LBC radio, Joan talked about her health and diet preferences. Also, Seh mentioned that she is not a fan of extreme clean eating trends.

The columnist prefers a balanced diet. Moreover, she believes in the benefits of avocados and vitamin supplements including Vitamin C, E, and Omega oils.

It is quite evident that Mrs. Joan has aged just like other celebrities. Nevertheless, she has managed to carry herself with a classy and elegant look every time.

There have been rumors about her getting cosmetic surgeries. In an interview with “The Guardian”, the icon explained that she had nothing done and emphasized her fear of needles.

The legendary actress attributed her youthful skin to her mother’s advice to moisturize and use a night cream.

Furthermore, Joan revealed her commitment to sun protection. She mentioned that she has passed on these skin care tips to her daughter.

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