Lesley Sharp Kids: Zachary Gleaves And Gabriel Gleaves

Lesley Sharp

Delve into the personal life of Lesley Sharp, the talented English Actress, as we explore details about Lesley Sharp kids, family, and her age, via this article.

Lesley Sharp is an accomplished English Actress who has gained recognition worldwide because of her remarkable performances on stage, screen and television.

With an extensive career spanning over decades, she has won critical acclaim for her versatile talents.

On British television, Sharp has mesmerized audiences with unforgettable portrayals of fascinating characters like those found in popular programs such as “Clocking Off” (2000 2001), “Bob & Rose” (2001), and “Afterlife” (2005 2006). Sharps’s exceptional acting skills were recognized with a BAFTA Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress in the 1997 movie  “The Full Monty.”

Moreover, her notable appearances in films such as “Rita, Sue and Bob Too” (1986) “Naked” (1993) “Priest” (1994), ‘”From Hell” (2001), and “Vera Drake” (2004) are truly remarkable.

From 2011 to 2016, Sharp played the role of DC Janet Scott exceptionally well during six seasons of the captivating ITV Drama series “Scott & Bailey.”

Lesley Sharp Kids: Zachary Gleaves And Gabriel Gleaves

Lesley Sharp is an exquisite English Actress with a devoted family that comprises her two precious sons – Zachary & Gabriel Gleaves.

Following their mother’s footsteps, both have developed an affinity towards acting as a career path: Zachery, born on December 6th,1994, and Gabriel on October 1998, respectively.

Lesley Sharp Kids
Lesley Sharp with her husband, Nicholas Gleaves. (source: nestia)

Although they share their passion for the industry, what stands out is how they carry themselves as private individuals while withholding disclosing personal information through various platforms, including social media.

While maintaining this sense of mystery about themselves, both have assumed roles as directors of “Prim And Proper Productions”-an enterprise created by Lesley Sharp alongside Nicholas Gleaves.

By leading private lives and rarely appearing public-facing, the family endorses the premise that some issues should not be shared outside close circles. Henceforth details around their professional endeavors or net worth etc., remain classified.

It is vital to note that shielding their well-being is of utmost importance to Lesley Sharp and Nicholas Gleaves as they have consciously & consistently nurtured an environment that facilitates a sense of privacy and seclusion.

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Lesley Sharp family 

Lesley Sharp’s ancestors are imbued with complex emotions and interpersonal relationships woven into a complicated tapestry. She was born in Manchester but later adopted by parents living in Formby, Merseyside, when she was six weeks old.

Her biological mother, Elsie, began an affair with Norman Patient, who himself was already married, leading to Lesley being conceived as the result of this liaison.

Lesley Sharp
Lesley Sharp as Hannah in Channel 4 psychological crime Drama Before We Die. (source: freesat)

Despite Elsie’s reluctance to give her daughter for adoption, there remained a deep-rooted bond between them both.

Jack, Leslie’s adoptive Father, played an integral role in her life, catalyzing the Aspirations Leslie wished to achieve while growing up.

In contrast, Norman Patient continued leading his routine lifestyle, working as a tram driver until he died many years later.

Here comes another surprise: Leslie suddenly discovers she has two half-siblings, Doris and Tommy. Their initial reaction to their newfound relationship though one of shock, slowly evolves into sharing mutual understanding.

Another remarkable fact is how since February 1994, she tied vowes with Nicholas Gleaves- also bestowed two children from their marriage; Zachary and Gabriel Gleaves.

They are entitled to private lives, so their family prefers discretion over revealing more details about them.

Lesley Sharp age

Lesley Sharp has rightly earned recognition for remarkable performances that define the English film industry.

Born on April 3rd, 1960, in Manchester, England, the highly accomplished Actress’ career spans several distinguished decades. As of 2024, she is 64 years old.

Lesley’s background began with adoption at just six weeks old by loving parents based out of Formby Merseyside region.

With well over seventy on-screen acting roles under her belt, including outstanding performances in celebrated films such as The Full Monty, Naked, and From Hell, Lesley Sharp has amassed a diverse portfolio that’s evidence of natural versatility and talent that define her unique style.

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