Why Is Lorna Laidlaw Not In Coronation Street: Is She Leaving? Illness

Why Is Lorna Laidlaw Not In Coronation Street

Why Is Lorna Laidlaw Not In Coronation Street? After a short hiatus, teh producers of the show confirmed the most dreadful fear of the fan by revealing that the star won’t be appearing in the show.

Lorna Laidlaw was born on 1, February 1963. She is an English actress known for her roles on television.

Lorna played Mrs. Tembe in the BBC medical soap opera Doctors and Aggie Bailey in the ITV soap opera Coronation Street.

For Laidlaw’s performance in Doctors, She received recognition. She won the Royal Television Society award for Best Actress and Best Daytime Star at the Inside Soap Awards.

Lorna started her television career in 1994. She made a guest appearance in shows like Blue Heavenn, Playing the Field, and Emmerdale.

In 2009, The actress took on the recurring role of Miss Smiley in the CBeebies series Grandpa in My Pocket. She left the show in 2014.

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Why Is Lorna Laidlaw Not In Coronation Street?

Why Is Lorna Laidlaw Not In Coronation Street? The question has been gaining significant attention. The absence of a character named Aggie Bailey has been concerning for fans.

Why Is Lorna Laidlaw Not In Coronation Street
Lorna Laidlaw left the show “Coronation Street”. (Source: Daily Star)

The character Aggie Bialey played by the famous actress has been absent from the show for a significant six-month period.

The show recently provided an update on the mysterious disappearance. Regrettably, the news is anything but Optimistic.

Aggie Bialey is not slated to make a return to the Cobbled Street of Weatherfield anytime in the forthcoming days.

The last time viewers saw Aggie was in early June. She was hosting a party at the Metcalfe’s house attempting to pass it off as her own.

Since then, Bailey’s absence has been briefly acknowledged in the storyline. It was mentioned in the show that she was taking care of a distant relative.

However, in a recent episode, fans received an update on Aggie’s status It appears she will not be making a comeback anytime soon.

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Is Lorna Laidlaw Leaving Coronation Street?

In the latest episode of  Coronation Street, fans received a somber update regarding the absence of teh famous character Aggie, portrayed by the English actress.

The unexplained hiatus has left viewers wondering about Aggie’s fate in the storyline. In the recent episode, Michael, played by Ryan Russell revealed that she won’t be uniting with the family.

The news saddened Michael, but his father, Ed, played by Trevor Michael Georges seemed preoccupied with his escalating gambling addiction.

The confirmation that Aggie would not be returning soon sparked concern among fans. They are not only worried about the character’s absence but also about the well-being of Lorna.

The emotional storyline is unfolding leaving viewers eagerly anticipating how the story will modify in the coming episodes.

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Lorna Laidlaw Illness: Is She Sick?

Lorna, a renowned actress, faced health challenges during her journey. Despite the difficulties, she continued to excel in her career.

Why Is Lorna Laidlaw Not In Coronation Street
Fans are concerned about the health of Lorna Laidlaw after the news of her departure from the show broke. (Source: Twitter)

Furthermore, in 2023, while concern arose due to her absence from the show Coronation Street, there is concrete information suggesting she is sick or facing health issues.

Her break from the show might stem from various reasons common in the entertainment industry such as scheduling conflicts or storyline developments, rather than health concerns.

Current reports indicate her wellness, reassuring her fans about her state of well-being. For those curious about her health, seeking updates from reliable sources would be the best approach.

As per the available information, Lorna seems to be in good health, emphasizing the importance of relying on credible sources for accurate updates on her well-being.

It is essential to rely on the Superstar herself in the context of health information. She is currently in the right state of her health.

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