Is Malka Leifer A Man? Gender Husband Family And Trial Verdict

Malka Leifer

Is Malka Leifer a man? She has eight children and has been married to a man before; thus, she is most definitely not a man. Continue reading to learn more about the case details.

Malka Leifer is the former principal at the Adass Israel School, a Jewish religious school in Melbourne, Australia. She was put on trial for 70 sex offenses, all of which were brought by Victoria Police and involved at least eight alleged victims.

Leifer, who holds dual citizenship in Israel and Australia, eluded capture just before a warrant could be issued and remained in Israel from 2008 until January 2021 while living under varied levels of police and judicial control while waiting for the outcome of her extradition case.

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Is Malka Leifer A Man? Gender Revealed

The former principal had a husband and is the mother of eight kids. She is therefore not a man. She also practices Judaism, which, according to various reports, prohibits undergoing any gender change surgery during her time.

Additionally, as was already mentioned, she is a mother and gave birth to her children, and it is also physically impossible for a male to give birth.

Is Malka Leifer A Man
Malka Leifer’s committal hearing gets underway (Source: THE AUSTRALIAN JEWISH NEWS)

Furthermore, there have been no reports of her being a man, so the obvious answer to the query of whether she is a man is no. And it leads us to the conclusion that she is female.

Malka Leifer Husband And Family

The defendant was married to Rabbi Yaakov Yosef, although little is known about her family other than the fact that, as was already noted, she is the mother of eight kids.

Malka Leifer, right, is brought to a courtroom in Jerusalem in 2018.
Malka Leifer, right, is brought to a courtroom in Jerusalem in 2018. (Source: The Guardian)

Eventhough her story has received significant attention on a global scale, nothing is known about her husband’s and her children’s professions and backgrounds.

However, we will keep you guys informed as soon as new information on the former principal’s family members is made public.

Malka Leifer Trail Verdict

The former head of an ultra-Orthodox Jewish girls’ school in Melbourne was found guilty of sexually assaulting three sisters. In a case that challenged Australia and Israel’s relations through a protracted extradition dispute, she was found guilty on Monday of 18 charges of sexually abusing former students more than fifteen years ago.

She was on trial for alleged occurrences that occurred between 2003 and 2007 while she was the principal of the Adass Israel School, an ultra-Orthodox Jewish institution. She was charged with 27 counts of sexual assault in total but was cleared of nine of them. She entered a not-guilty plea to each allegation.

Dassi Erlich, a young Orthodox lady from Melbourne, informed her therapist about years of abuse at the hands of the principal of the Adass Israel school, where she was a high-school student and subsequently a young employee, in 2007.

Leifer was accused of abusing not just Erlich but also her two sisters, Nicole Meyer, and Elly Sapper, according to a community and Australian government inquiry. The Haredi instructor was charged with 74 counts of rape and sexual assault.

According to the prosecutors, the abuse started when they were still students and persisted after they started working as student instructors there. The instances were said to have happened at Ms. Leifer’s house, at school-sponsored camps, and at the school itself.

18 counts against Ms. Leifer, including rape, indecent assault, sexual penetration, and indecent assault on a 16- or 17-year-old, were all found to be true. After the initial reports of sexual abuse appeared, she escaped to Israel and was eventually apprehended there in 2014 at Australia’s request.

Several  Australian lawmakers brought up the issue with their Israeli colleagues as a result of the sisters’ campaign to have her extradited to Australia. The sisters were deemed unreliable witnesses by Ms. Leifer’s attorneys.

Leifer was determined to be mentally unfit to stand trial and was deported to Australia in 2021. The three sisters’ testimonies, which were used to support the prosecution’s case against her, were cross-examined for two weeks in a courtroom that was off-limits to the general public and the press.

The three sisters gave evidence to the trial in closed court hearings
The three sisters gave evidence to the trial in closed court hearings (Source: ABC NEWS)

According to the prosecutor, Mr. Lewis, the sisters admitted that they did not realize that what was being done to them was sexual. As per the defense attorney for the sisters, Ian Hill, there are enough discrepancies in their accounts to call the claims into question.

Following the verdict’s announcement, Ms. Erlich stated that it was “a day we have waited so long for.” “Her abuse has held us hostage for so long,” Ms. Meyer said. “Today we can start to take that power back that she stole from us as children.” 

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