Jeff Doucet Death Video Leaked Death Cause And Murder Case Update

Jeff Doucet

Jeff Doucet death video was captured live on camera by local news. It was featured in various television programs and documentaries.

Doucet, a man with dark intentions, committed indefinable crimes. He kidnapped, raped and molested Jody Plauché, son of Gary Plauché.

Jody, a ten-year-old boy, survived the terrible burden of sexual molestation at the hands of Doucet.

Shortly after his arrest, he met his demise in a fatal shooting before he could face the consequences of his heinous actions in a court of law.

On that horrible day of March 16, 1984, Gary, the devastated father of Jody, took matters into his own hands and ultimately ended Doucet’s life.

Jeff started abusing kids to the extent that he lost count of the boys he assaulted. The gravity of his actions was so severe that he couldn’t even recall the exact number of innocent boys he had victimized.

Jeff Doucet Death Video Leaked 

The death video of Jeff has been featured in various television programs and documentaries.

On March 16, 1984, at the Baton Rouge, Louisiana airport, the notorious child molester, Doucet, met his fate at the hands of Gary Plauché.

As he left the plane, escorted by a sheriff, local news crews were on site, capturing the unfolding events.

Meanwhile, Gary carefully selected a location near a line of pay phones, hiding behind a baseball cap and sunglasses.

He carried a .38 snub-nosed revolver privately tucked away in his right boot.

The TV news cameras continued to record the terrible action of a grieving father seeking revenge as the scenario developed.

Jeff Doucet Death Video
Jeff Doucet death video was captured live by the TV cameras. (Source: nzherald)

Gary drew his gun and fired a single shot into the side of Doucet’s head.
Police arrived to help injured Doucet during the incident, and Gary was swiftly taken into custody.

Sadly, he passed away from his injuries the next day.

Notably, the video appeared in the 1994 shockumentary Traces of Death II and the 2002 documentary Bowling for Columbine, directed by Michael Moore.

One particular YouTube upload originated from the television series Anatomy of Crime, a 2000 Court TV production by John Langley, the mastermind behind Cops.

Although some uncensored versions were removed and replaced with censored ones in March 2020, numerous copies of the original video continue circulating on YouTube and other platforms.

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Jeff Doucet Death Cause 

Jeff met his death when he was shot in the head by Gary Plauché, the father of Jody Plauché.

At the age of 10, Jody was kidnapped and subjected to unimaginable abuse at the hands of Doucet.

Before this incident, he faced severe allegations of repeatedly molesting Jody, who he later kidnaped and took to Disneyland.

As Doucet returned to Louisiana to stand trial, he was led through Baton Rouge Airport in handcuffs.

Jeff Doucet
Jeff kidnapped and abuse Jody Plauche, a ten year old boy. (Source: allthatsinteresting)

Gary patiently awaited his arrival, concealing a .38 snub-nosed revolver in his boot.

Confessionally, he whispered to his best friend on the phone, warning the approaching gunshot.

Gary quickly drew his gun and shot a hollow-point round into Doucet’s head, taking the chance.

The shocking act was captured by a television camera, capturing the raw emotions of the moment.

Jeff Doucet Murder Case Update

Gary Plauché, following the death of Jeff Doucet, faced legal consequences. He was suspended sentence of seven years, five years of probation, and 300 hours of community service.

He fulfilled his community service primarily at his local church, performing grass-cutting tasks 1989.

A 67-year-old Plauché expressed no guilt for his actions, saying he would end Doucet’s life again if faced with a similar situation.

Jody Plauché
Jody Plauché released a book after the incident. (Souce: The Advocate )

This bold statement added a layer of complexity to an already controversial case.

Jody, Gary’s son, released a book titled “Why, Gary, Why?: The Jody Plauché Story” in August 2019, shedding light on the family’s experience and providing insight into the aftermath of the tragic event.

Unfortunately, Gary’s later years were marked by health challenges. 

In 2011, he suffered a stroke, and three years later, in 2014, he passed away in a nursing home just three weeks before his 69th birthday.

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