Is Diego Schwartzman Gay? Dating Partner Or Girlfriend In 2023

Diego Schwartzman Gay

Is the Diego Schwartzman Gay rumor true? The tennis player is in a relationship with his long-time girlfriend, Eugenia De Martino, disapproving of the rumors of him being gay. 

Diego Sebastian Schwartzman’s birthdate is August 16, 1992. He is a prominent tennis player from Argentina.

The player has made quite a mark in the tennis world. He has four ATP singles titles and a career-high rank of world No. 8 in October 2020.

Schwartzman is mainly known for his excellence on clay courts. Moreover, he is highly regarded for his string return game.

In 2020, Diego had some notable achievements. He reached his first Masters final at the Italian Open, defeating the defending champion and world No. 2 Rafael Nadal. 

Although Diego lost in the final to Novak Djokovic, it was a significant milestone. Just a month later, at the 2020 French Open, he made it to his first Grand Slam semifinal.

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Is Diego Schwartzman Gay?

Diego Schwartzman Gay rumors are making headlines. The Argentine Tennis player is known for his support of the LGBTQ community.

Diego Schwartzman Gay
Diego Schwartzman, a short tennis player, breaks the record. (Source: The Japan Times)

His unwavering support has sparked the rumor that he may belong to the LGBTQ community. Despite the rumors, he firmly denies the speculation.

The athlete is currently dating the Argentina Model. So, this false speculation does not make any difference in his life.

While the tennis world has seen female players openly identifying as gay, there has been a notable absence of active male players on the ATP tour who have come out.

The Argentine Player has faced discrimination due to his height and being jewish. Nevertheless, he has actively spoken against any discrimination.

In a recent interview, the champion expressed his confusion about why discrimination still exists. Also, He mentioned that he could not comprehend the reasons behind it. 

The sportsman’s views extend to sexual orientation as well. Furthermore, he firmly believes that if a fellow competitor were to come out as gay, it should be a non-issue.

Additionally, Diego emphasized that there should be no discrimination or bias based on one’s sexual orientation.

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Who Is Diego Schwartzman Girlfriend In 2023?

In 2023, Diego’s girlfriend is Eugenia De Martino. His girlfriend has been making waves on social media as the Argentine tennis star takes on Wimbledon.

Diego Schwartzman gay
Diego Schwartzman is having fun with his girlfriend in Paris. (Source: Instagram)

Diego’s Partner has been a steadfast source of support for him. She joined him in England for the prestigious tennis tournament.

Eugenia has been actively sharing her Wimbledon experience on her instagram. She gives fans a glimpse of their life at the All England Club.

Besides, Ms. Eugenia posted photos and videos of their time together. Her posts post include a sweet picture of the couple walking side by side.

However, the tennis athlete’s girlfriend is not just a spectator but a model. She shows her toned figure in a crop top and low-rise printed pants in one of her mirror selfies.

The pair have been together for a while, with posts on Eugenia’s instagram dating back to at least October 2019. 

The duo’s relationship has taken them on adventures around the world. Eugenia often documents their fun moments on her social media platform.

With over 150 thousand followers, Eugenia is known for her support of Diego and as an ambassador for Cremas Caviahue, a cruelty-free brand and FILA Argentina.

Diego’s lover started her modeling career at a young age. She is signed with EP Bookers, a modeling agency based in Argentina.

Additionally, Eugenia is involved in acting. She is showing her diverse talents and interests, making the Pro proud.

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