Meet Kitt Shapiro Children Rachel And Jason – Husband And Family Ethnicity

Kitt Shapiro Children

Kitt Shapiro McDonald was the manager of her legendary mother, Eartha Kit. Discover Kitt Shapiro Children in this article.

Kit Shapiro is the only child of the late great singer-actress Eartha Kitt who passed away in 2008 at 81. Eartha Mae Kitt was a renowned African American singer and actress known for her exceptional singing style.

The 1953 recordings of “C’est si bon” and the holiday novelty song “Santa Baby” rose her to a different level in the American music industry.

Even Eartha has written a book called “Eartha & Kitt: A Daughter’s Love Story in Black and White” which explores her relationship with her mother.

Let us dive deep into her grandkids. Get to know more about Kitt Shapiro Children through this content.

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Kitt Shapiro Children

Kitt Shapiro Children has been a curious topic for fans. Yes, she has two children, Jason and Nora Shapiro.

Jason is a 33-year-old professional DJ whereas Nora is a singer and an Instagram model.

Following in the footsteps of her grandmother, Nora also tends to be a professional singer in the future. Talking about her contributions, she has already released her first solo entitled “Rendezvous”.

Kitt and Nora have a Verified Instagram account but Jason does not. (Source: Instagram)

Nora also mentioned in one of Kitt’s TikTok videos that her songs are much inspired by her grandma’s era and her grandma herself.

Kitt has also contributed to a number of movies and TV series including “All by Myself: The Eartha Kitt Story”

Seems like the Shapiro children do not have a huge difference from their last grandmother. They got the music in their genes.

Kitt Shapiro Husband

Kitt McDonald was married to Charles Lawrence Shapiro. Rabbi Charles Agin performed the ceremony at the Hotel Pierre in New York. 

They exchanged vows on June 13, 1987. However, the union did not last long and they parted ways soon after.  She has been married to Allan Bruce Rothschild since 26 May 2002. 

Kitt and Alan don’t have any kids yet. (Sourced: Instagram)

Kitt Shapiro graduated from the Lycee Francais of Los Angeles and attended Barnard College. 

Allan does not have an Instagram account so it is hard to know about his professional as well as personal life.  However, Kitt seldom posts her hubby’s pictures on her social media like Instagram and TikTok.

Kitt Shapiro Family Ethnicity

Kitt is the daughter of Eartha Kitt and John McDonald of Los Angeles. Her father was an accountant after he retired from the Army.

Shapiro was born white and even had blonde hair, an interesting difference from most biracial marriages where the child is a mixed race. She didn’t resemble her mother at all.

Eartha and her daughter have frequently been part of racial abuse and colorism. Kitt Shapiro also revealed how her mother ‘carried the scar of her rejection’ throughout her life by both black and white people.

Kitt has a verified TikTok account with more than 92 thousand followers. (Source: TikTok)

Kitt is the only biological daughter of Eartha but because of the very different skin tones throughout life, people have questioned whether or not they are biologically related.

With this question in the past, Kitt says she has typically chosen not to address these types of comments with a response but recently she could not hold it anymore, and through her TikTok, she finally broke the silence to state the obvious.

In the minute-long video, she also mentions her father was German Irish and due to the hard-to-understand nature of genetics, she had a different skin tone than her mother. 

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