Andre August Family Ethnicity: Parents Wife And Siblings

Andre August Family

The Andre August family has provided unwavering support for the boxer’s pursuits in the ring, becoming an essential pillar of encouragement for him.

Andre August, a formidable American professional boxer, has carved his path in the boxing world with a remarkable 10-1-1 record, with five of those victories achieved by knockout.

The athlete has become a prominent figure in the boxing scene, particularly in the cruiserweight division, where he currently holds the rank of #322, according to BoxRec.

Standing at 5’10”, August has been showcasing his boxing prowess since turning professional in 2013.

He has primarily competed in his home state of Texas and reached as high as the light heavyweight class.

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Andre August Family And Wife

Despite Andre August’s formidable presence in the boxing ring, his heart remains deeply intertwined with his family roots.

Born to McKinley August and Mrs. August in Beaumont, Texas, August is firmly grounded in a robust familial bond.

His father, McKinley August, forges a path in the business realm, while Mrs. August plays a pivotal role as a dedicated homemaker.

This familial foundation undeniably serves as the bedrock that has shaped the athlete’s character and fueled his unwavering determination.

As of 2023, August, now 35, remains unmarried, yet his life is enriched by a profound and enduring relationship with his girlfriend, Monae Gage.

Andre August Family
André August is pictured with his girlfriend, Monae Gage. (Source: Pinterest)

This meaningful connection has weathered the passage of several years, successfully navigating the intricate nuances of a romantic partnership.

Beyond the realm of boxing, this relationship stands as a vital support system, playing a key role in fortifying his determination in his relentless pursuit of success within the demanding arena of professional boxing.

The delicate balance between familial ties and a committed romantic relationship underscores the multifaceted nature of August’s life beyond the boxing ring.

His success in both personal and professional spheres is attributed to a supportive family structure and a loving partnership.

As August continues to make strides in the boxing world, his family and romantic relationships serve as pillars of strength.

Andre August Parents And Ethnicity

Andre August’s cultural identity is firmly grounded in his African-American heritage, epitomizing the intricate tapestry of American ethnicity.

His parents, McKinley August and Mrs. August, have fostered a nurturing environment essential for his growth and development.

His active engagement in the business sector introduces a layer of diversity to the family dynamics, illustrating a harmonious blend of personal and professional pursuits within the household.

Andre August Family
An old picture of André August with his father and siblings (Source: businessld)

This interplay of cultural roots and vocational diversity contributes to the holistic upbringing of August, shaping his character and perspectives.

It underscores the importance of a supportive and multifaceted family structure.

This structure plays a crucial role in nurturing individuals who go on to make significant contributions, both in their personal lives and on broader societal fronts.

Andre August Siblings

The August family extends beyond Andre, incorporating three siblings who share familial bonds.

Among them are two brothers, Micah August and Mack August, along with a sister named Diane August.

This familial network underscores the significance of solidarity and support in Andre August’s journey.

Each sibling contributes to the intricate fabric of his life, potentially influencing his perspective both inside and outside the ring.

In his professional career, he has achieved notable milestones, with a significant triumph in November 2019 when he secured the Texas Combative Sports Program Light Heavyweight title.

The victory, sealed with a unanimous decision over Santario Martin, marked a significant chapter in his career.

Andre August Family
Andre August has an up-coming match with the Youtuber turned fighter, Jake Paul. (Source: Facebook)

While he is yet to vie for major titles, August’s tenacity and skill in the ring have earned him recognition, positioning him as a force to be reckoned with in the boxing world.

In pursuit of knowledge and personal development, August pursued his primary education at the local private institution, Central Senior High School.

Subsequently, he continued his academic journey at Blinn College, where he dedicated himself to the study of Kinesiology, ultimately earning a bachelor’s degree.

This commitment to education aligns with August’s multifaceted approach to life, balancing athletic prowess with intellectual pursuits.

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