Solene Mazingue Accident And Injury Details, What Happened? Age And Instagram

Solene Mazingue

Solene got into a crash on September 29, 2022. Read the article below to know in detail about the Solene Mazingue accident.

Solene is a very talented and famous French ice dancer. With her very supportive and talented dance partner, Marko Jevgeni Gaidajneko, she competes for Estonia.

Mazingue is the bronze medalist of the 2021 JGP France II. She was also successful in bagging the title of Estonian national champion in 2022. She also battled till the finale segment at the European Championships 2022.

Solene has been trained by many famous and hard-working coaches like Romain Haguenauer, Pascal Denis, Patrice Lauzon.

Her former coaches are Peter Durnev, Alexander Zhulin and Julia Zlobina. Similarly, she has also been choreographed by many famous and legendary choreographers like Patrice Lauzon, Samuel Choinard, Scott Moir and many more.

Mazingue and her partner currently perform for Anna Levnadi Skating Club. Before that, she used to play for Rouen Olympic Club.

Solene Mazingue Accident And Injury Details, What Happened To Her?

Solene had her tragic accident on September 29, 2022. In her TikTok video, she says, “The day that changed my life.”

She had badly fallen on the ice with her partner Marco. 

Eventually, after 1 week, they had to compete in the first event of the new season. For that purpose, they had just moved to Montreal. 

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Solene states, ” I was so happy and excited to train amongst the world’s best ice dancers.”

Just before the accident, they were working on their rhythm dance. She also mentioned that everything was going so well.

Solene Mazingue Accident
Solene got her stitches removed on day 12 post-accident. (Source: Instagram)

Until, in the free dance, when on a simple transition, Solene was up on Marko’s shoulders with her face facing towards the floor.

At this moment, Marko’s blade got stuck in a rut on the ice, and tragically, the accident happened.

Mazingue’s head was violently hit on the ice, and she fainted for several seconds.

Returning to her senses, she fell on her knees, holding her head and screaming because of pain.

Solene Mazingue Age

Solene Mazingue was born on February 11, 2003, in Versailles, Yvelines, France. As of 2024, she is 21 years old.

In 2006, at the age of three, she started to learn ice skating, and by 2012-23, she started competing in an ice dancing competition for France with Jean-Hans Fourneaux.

Solene Mazingue Accident
Selfie of Mazingue and Marko during post-season vacation. (Source: Instagram)

She is the JGP France II bronze medalist from 2021, which she won at the age of 18 years. The young ice skater also won Estonian Nationals in 2022 at the age of 18 years.

In addition, she also competed in the final segment of the 2022 European Championships.

Solene is also pursuing her career as Lawyer as she is enrolling for a degree in law.

Solene, from 2018-2020, partnered with Maxime Dos Reis for France. The duo competed together, appeared at six junior international events, and finished sixth position at the French Junior Championships of 2019, their highest.

Later in 2021, she made her international debut at 2021 JGp France II with Gaidajenko, held in Courchevel.

As for her senior international debut, she appeared in Challenger Series in November of 2021 in CS Warsaw Cup, where they placed fifteenth.

However, the pair won the 2022 Estonian Championships before returning to the 2021 CS Golden Spin of Zagreb, where they secured ninth position. 

Solene Mazingue Instagram

Solene’s instagram account is named solenemazingue_, with more than 2K followers.
Her followers are low as she is a rising talent and has yet to make a name for herself.
Solene Mazingue Accident
Solene posing in Vieux Lyon- St Jean. (Source: Instagram)
Mostly she posts videos of her ice skating and dancing. We can assume that in the near future, she will amass more followers as Solene is still young and has much time to leave a mark and gain popularity.
While talking about her Instagram account, she also has a Twitter account @SoleneMazingue, with only 40 followers.
It seems like she is not quite active on Twitter. But as mentioned above, there is no doubt that she will gain many followers on her social media platforms as she rises and gain success, drawing attention toward her.

Solene Mazingue Health Update

Gaidajenko fell while practicing lifting Mazingue in October 2022. Mazingue fractured her skull and experienced intracranial hemorrhage after hitting her head on the ice. She required immediate hospitalization.

The injury was so bad that physiotherapy took months to heal. In January 2023, Mazingue finally received permission to return to the ice when she started crying.

She experienced a range of feelings, not the least of which was whether she would ever compete again.

She still hopes to win the Olympics, possibly in Paris the following year. So, to compete at the World Championships in March 2023, she traveled to Japan with her boyfriend Gaidajenko.

Solene has recovered and doing well as of now. Thinking about the injury was very scary, but her determination was too strong, and she kept fighting, which is one of the key factors that helped her recover soon.

As she mentioned, nothing is impossible until and unless you have the will to fight for something. 


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