Emmett Till Autopsy Report and Photos – What Happened To Him?

Emmett Till

Till was murdered in the summer of 1955, during the 50s. Emmett Till autopsy report shared by police showed he had a headshot wound, and his skull and wrist were broken. He also had his leg injured significantly.

Emmett Till was a victim of the racist attack, which shocked the nation and provided a catalyst for the civil rights movement.

The teenager was also accused of harassing a local white female, which led to the racist attack, as back in time, there were too much racism and racist attacks.

Relatives of the white woman who was said to be abused by Till were the murderers.  They brutally beat him before dumping him in a river nearby.

Emmett was born and raised on July 24, 1941, in Chicago, Illinois, the only child of his parents, Louis and Mamie Till. Till’s father was a private in the United States Army during World War II. He never knew his father.

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Emmett Till Autopsy Report and Photos

14-year-old boy Emmett was killed by white people as he was accused of abusing a white woman. An autopsy was released by the police, which stated that he had a wound on his head which was a gunshot.

Young teenage also had their skull and wrist bones broken. In addition, his legs were significantly injured as well.

Emmett Till Autopsy Report
Emmett till the autopsy report is released. (Source: Twitter)

In the summer of 1955, a search was working to find him after he was killed and went missing. After weeks of search, his body was discovered in the Tallahatchie River.

In the released Emmett Till autopsy report, a doctor remarks stated that “the crown of Emmett Till’s head was crushed out, and a chunk of his skull just fell out.”

His face was also unrecognized as the result of the brutal assault, and the identification of the body was possible only because of his clothes and a monogrammed ring that belonged to his father.

What Happened To Emmett?

On August 21, 1995, Emmett arrived in Money, Mississippi, where he stayed with his great uncle, Mose Wright, a sharecropper.

Till and a group of local teens visited the grocery store on August 24 after working in the field for a day. In the grocery store, some witnesses stated that one of the teens dared Till to talk to the store’s cashier, Carolyn Bryant.

As per reports, Till was said to have whistled at, touched the hand or waist, or flirted with the woman as he was about to leave the store.

Emmett Till
Emmett Till is in the hospital looking at his dead body. (Source: Meridian Star)

Despite the reports given by witnesses, it is not sure that he did all those kinds of things as Till did not share this incident with his great-uncle.

On August 28, Roy Bryant cashier’s husband and J.W. Milam, Bryant’s half-brother, abducted Till and gunpoint him after forcefully entering Wright’s home.

Carolyn’s relatives beat the boy fiercely, gouging out one of his eyes, then took him to the banks of the Tallahatchie river, where the young teenage Till was killed with a single gunshot.

After shooting him in the head, they tied the teen’s body to a large metal fan and barbed wire before dropping his dead body into the river.

After Till did not return home for a couple of days, his uncle Wright reported the kidnapping to the police.

The police then searched for the boy for a couple of days until they found Emmett’s body on the river bank on August 31, 1955. The police then arrested Bryant and Milam.

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