Cacho Garay Wikipedia Bio Edad Wife And Net Worth 2023

Cacho Garay

Cacho Garay Wikipedia is currently one of the most searched topics on the internet given that he was recently arrested after a complaint of gender violence from his partner.

Argentine comedian, singer, and impersonator Cacho Garay rose to fame in the year 2000 at the Marcelo Tinelli-hosted National Joke Championship of the VideoMatch program, which he frequently attended.

He has been on a variety of television shows, such as the Susana Giménez program on the Argentine television network Telefe, to tell jokes or conduct interviews.

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Cacho Garay Wikipedia Bio Edad

He is a well-known musician who performs in a variety of theaters, including Teatro Calle Angosta, Teatro Don Bosco, Plaza de Godoy Cruz, and the Roma de Rafael, since he travels around his native nation performing stand-up comedy or hilarious monologues.

The performer’s date of birth is not known at the moment, but according to several reports as of 2024, he is 69.

He often takes part in the National Humor Festival, which is held at Club Giol in the Argentinean province of Mendoza. He performed his show Toy Felland across the country in 2014, at which time he won the Carlos Award for Best Humorous Work. Correcaminos is one of his other shows.

The singer performed his craziest Toy Show on tour in 2017; “I got down a Change.”

“Keep Counting Garay,” “That’s where Garay counted,” “Don’t let me lose Garay Travel Companion,” “Electric,” and “To Love for Humor” are a few of the most well-known, where he makes jokes about himself and performs skits in them.

Cacho Garay Wikipedia
“Cacho” Garay arrested: his partner denounced him for gender violence (Source: sfa DIGITAL)

The impersonator’s performances have taken place in Chile, Australia, the US, and Canada, and a few of his performances have been released on CD and DVD.  He sees himself as a student of the customs and cultures of the people of Argentina, portraying them in each presentation with his ostensibly somber and composed demeanor.

Other times, he assumes the role of a villager and tells tales of his childhood and adolescence, about his made-up wives and children, as well as similar adventures of his innocent and cunning character Cacho Caray.

Cacho Garay Wife 

Garay’s partner is the singer from Cordoba, Argentina, Veronica Bambi Macias, who is also his tour, partner. She met her on the Toy Feli tour and she is 36 years younger than him.

The comedian would have first encountered Macias, a well-known lyrical singer from Cordoba, in 2010 when she was just 19 years old. Later, in 2014, they formally constituted their union.

She claims to have 18 brothers and 1 sister and that she grew up on a farm. Juan, Silvana, Pamela, Mariana, and Rodrigo are his five children.

In the words of the singer in an interview with Pronto magazine, in 2014, he described his partner as “an angel”. “She inspired me with something very tender. Bamby dreamed of someone listening to her and that broke my heart,” she said. 

Cacho Garay
Cacho Garay: this is his wife, who denounced him for gender violence (Source: UNO)

They became friends at the theater, and unexpectedly, a relationship arose. She lied to the him about her age, but they both agreed that maturity does not go through the almanac. They moved to Mendoza, where they began to perform together in the comedian’s shows.

The musician was detained by the police at his residence in Luján de Cuyo after being accused of gender abuse by his wife. Five weapons were seized by police when they discovered them during a search. The search was requested by the Gender Violence Fiscal Unit.

Cacho Garay Net Worth 2023

Numerous actors, singers, and comedians, including Jose Luis Serrano, Hugo Varela, Facundo Cabral, Doa Jovita, vocalist Veronica Bambi Macas, and Camilo “Palito” Ortiz, have performed on stage alongside Cacho.

He gave the medical research-focused Favaloro Foundation his revenues from the comedy program Al amor por humor! He performed 40 times alongside Facundo Cabral, a vocalist who was killed in a 2011 attack on Henry Faria.

Cacho Garay
Cacho Garay was denounced for gender violence and defended himself on the networks. (Source: SITIO ANDINO)

Although there is no information on Garay’s net worth and it has never been reported by any news outlets or articles, given his lengthy career and level of achievement, he might be worth a few million dollars.

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