Gulshan E Hadeed School Scandal Viral Video Footage On Reddit And Telegram

Gulshan E Hadeed School Scandal

The Gulshan E Hadeed School scandal revealed a horrible violation of confidence in the educational system, which has shocked the entire country.

The recent controversy originating from Gulshan E Hadeed School in Karachi has deeply astonished and astounded the entire populace of Pakistan.

A video that rapidly gained notoriety on the internet has ignited extensive public anger, with the school’s principal being the focal point of this uproar.

The principal’s shocking conduct and ill-treatment of female staff and students have triggered significant commotion, ultimately resulting in his apprehension following the video’s dissemination on social media.

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Gulshan E Hadeed School Scandal

Irfan Ghafoor Memon, the principal of Gulshan E Hadeed School, is at the center of the incident.

He is charged with sexually abusing female pupils, staff members, and teachers inside the school.

Surprisingly, it is claimed that Memon deployed CCTV cameras to film these crimes and then used the recordings to blackmail his victims.

According to reports, the victims were unaware of the principal’s behavior until the leaked film surfaced.

It is believed that these horrible deeds were committed over several months.

Gulshan E Hadeed School Scandal
Irfan Ghafoor Memon, the principal of Gulshan E Hadeed School, is at the center of the incident. (Source: YouTube)

Concerns regarding kids’ safety in educational institutions have been raised due to the exposure of such a scandal, which has significantly impacted the community.

Parents and concerned citizens are angry that a principal, someone entrusted with the duty of protecting pupils, could act in such a despicable manner.

The tragedy has generated a lot of discussion and debate on social media sites, with many calling for more substantial school restrictions and justice for the victims.

Gulshan E Hadeed School Viral Video Footage On Reddit And Telegram

The authorities arrested Irfan Memon after the video went viral.

Reactions to his arrest have been divided; some have praised the quick action taken, while others feel that more should be done to prevent instances like this from happening in the first place.

The fact that Memon’s phone held 25 pornographic videos after the police also seized it adds credence to the accusations against him.

He is accused of harassing and extorting people concerning the Gulshan E. Hadeed School events.

After the controversy, five women came out to discuss their interactions with Irfan Memon.

Their testimonials provided insight into the severity of the principal’s misbehavior and the psychological harm they experienced.

Gulshan E Hadeed School Scandal
The principal was arrested after footage of him mistreating female staff members and students went viral on social media. (Source: YouTube)

The courage of these ladies in telling their tales has inspired other people to speak up, highlighting the importance of a safe and encouraging environment in educational institutions.

The incident surrounding the Gulshan E. Hadeed School should serve as a warning to other Pakistani educational institutions.

It emphasizes the necessity of enacting more vital rules and safeguarding the security of faculty and employees.

Schools must prioritize community safety and implement the necessary safeguards to prevent these kinds of incidents.

Parents and pupils must feel secure and believe that the authorities will immediately and efficiently resolve any complaints.

Gulshan E Hadeed School Scandal: Legal Action

The investigation turned up as many as 25 lewd movies on the accused’s cellphone that were shot at various times and featured four ladies.

The fact that three people, named Ali, Kashif, and Shakeel, are reportedly implicated in these horrible acts and are currently escaping authorities, adds to the gravity of the situation.

These alleged criminals are suspected of blackmailing their victims and possessing cameras, with one of them allegedly sharing an explicit video on purpose.

The high-profile character of the case was underscored by SSP Hasan Sardar, who vowed that those involved would not escape prosecution.

Irfan Ghafoor Memon, the suspected school principal, was detained for allegedly sexually assaulting teachers and other staff members.

Gulshan E Hadeed School Scandal
The police detained Irfan Memon and took him into custody. (Source: sarkariexam)

In an unexpected turn of events, Memon requested ‘death punishment’ once the story broke, admitting in an interview with ARY News that he felt ashamed of his acts and that no school staff members were visible in the footage.

Rana Hussain, the interim education minister for Sindh, issued instructions to close the institution while the video scandal probe was ongoing after Memon’s arrest.

As a result, the unregistered private school’s premises were sealed by order of the Directorate of Private Institutions to the Deputy Commissioner of Malir.

This controversy has spurred a more comprehensive discussion about child protection and the pressing need for extensive educational system reforms.

Numerous others contend that the incident points to a bigger problem of unbridled power and a lack of accountability in schools.

As a result, there is increasing pressure on the government and pertinent authorities to act quickly to stop incidents from happening again and protect students’ rights and welfare across the nation.

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