Malcolm Flex Wikipedia Bio – Who Is He? Real Name Age And Parents

Malcolm Flex

Malcolm Flex is a Mixed martial art fighter and Journalist. Fans are eager to learn about Malcolm Flex Wikipedia Bio, Real Name, Age And Parents.

As an #ENTP Political High-Capacity Assault Shitposter and former MMA fighter, Flex knows something about calling out nonsense when he sees it. And in his latest Substack column, he’s aiming for the media’s coverage of the tragic death of Jordan Neely.

According to Flex, the media is shamelessly using Neely’s death to push a specific narrative, and it’s all too clear to anyone paying attention.

Likewise, as an honorary club bouncer and social media influencer, Flex has seen firsthand how the media can manipulate public opinion and is not afraid to speak out about it.

Malcolm Flex Wikipedia Bio – Who Is He?

In a recent interview, former MMA fighter and columnist Malcolm criticized the media’s politicization of Jordan Neely’s death. Malcolm believes the media loves confusion and feeds off calling anything outside their narrative disinformation.

He stated that the media provides incomplete information, leaving people confused and unable to ask questions or dig into details. He also believes that most people don’t know half of Neely’s story.

Malcolm Flex
Malcolm Flex in Fox news criticising the media’s politicization of Jordan Neely’s death. (source: Youtube)

Malcolm blamed New York City’s policies for making everyone less safe and the media for beating everyone over the head with race and racism.

He questioned the reason behind their sudden focus on these issues and suggested they want more instances of what they can mark as white vigilantism.

Lastly, Malcolm urged people to have patience and wait at least 48 to 72 hours before forming opinions on such incidents.

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Malcolm Flex Real Name and Age

There is not much information available about the person in question. His real name or age is unknown, but he has mentioned on his Instagram bio that he is black and from the 90s.

According to his Instagram, he is said to be a libertarian, martial artist, athlete, Father, and researcher. In a recent interview, he criticized the media, but not much else is known about him. He seems to be keeping a low profile, and until he provides more information, we will have to wait to learn more.

Malcolm Flex Parents

Malcolm Flex hasn’t shared any details about his personal life, including information about his parents. The only known public information about him is his opinion on the Jordan Neely case.

Neely, a street artist known for his Michael Jackson impersonations, died after being put in a chokehold on a New York City subway train by a Marine veteran named Daniel Penny. While Penny’s lawyers claimed he acted in self-defense, Neely’s family condemned his actions and lack of remorse.

Malcolm Flex Wikipedia
Malcolm Flex has a great physique due to his gym workouts. (source: Instagram)

This case has sparked essential discussions about treating homeless and mentally ill individuals in society. It highlights the need for better access to mental health care and support for those experiencing homelessness.

It also raises important questions about the role of law enforcement in dealing with individuals who may be experiencing mental health crises.

Ultimately, the Jordan Neely case reminds us of the importance of compassion and empathy in our interactions with others. We must work to create a society that values and supports all individuals, regardless of their circumstances.

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