Who Is Juergen Maier Husband Richard: Wikipedia And Age

Juergen Maier Husband Richard

Juergen Maier, a prominent figure in British industry, is distinguished for his professional achievements and as a devoted husband to his partner, Richard Madgin.

J├╝rgen Wolfgang Maier CBE FRS, a prominent British-Austrian industrialist, is celebrated for his dynamic leadership and profound impact on business.

With a distinguished career, he served as the esteemed Chief Executive of Siemens UK, showcasing his visionary approach and astute business acumen.

Renowned for his contributions to British and Austrian business landscapes, Maier is revered as a seasoned businessman and a trusted advisor.

His extensive expertise has shaped Siemens UK and influenced industry standards, making him a pivotal figure in the global business community.

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Meet Juergen Maier Husband Richard

Juergen Maier, the prominent UK business leader and advocate for manufacturing, found love and partnership with his husband, Richard Madgin.

Richard’s passion for technology and computing matches his understanding of industry and innovation.

The two met and quickly discovered an affection and kinship marked by shared curiosities, laughs, and even a cherished dachshund named Max.

Richard identifies proudly as a “techie” on his Instagram profile, showing off his prowess with all things digital.

He also reveals quieter crafts like knitting alongside interests in keeping their Manchester home.

Juergen Maier Husband Richard
Juergen Maier pictured with his husband, Richard. (Source: Instagram)

The British-Austrian businessman began documenting their relationship on his Instagram feed 2017, capturing smiles, embraces, and adventures that point to a deepening bond.

Though their wedding date remains private, their union thrives on trust, support, and the joy of having a loving partner to return home to each evening.

In the years since, the couple has built a partnership and companionship, blending technology with hands-on craft and dynamic business leadership with household tranquility.

They navigate the peaks and valleys of married life with humor, compromise, and unending care for their shared dreams and aspirations.

The pair’s story epitomizes the timeless magic that happens when two souls find harmony, inspiration, and love rebellion company.

Juergen Maier Wikipedia

Juergen Maier’s illustrious career spans various significant roles, establishing him as a distinguished figure in British industry.

Notably, he served as the Chief Executive of Siemens UK, a testament to his exceptional leadership and strategic vision.

Before this, he held pivotal positions within Siemens, including Managing Director of the UK and Ireland industry sector and Manufacturing Director of the Drives Factory in Congleton, Cheshire.

The industrialist’s contributions to Siemens UK culminated in his appointment as Chief Executive in July 2014, a position he held until his retirement in December 2019.

In addition to his corporate endeavors, he is deeply involved in fostering innovation and regional development.

Juergen Maier Husband Richard
Juergen Maier received an honorary degree from Manchester Metropolitan University. (Source: MMU)

He chairs the Digital Catapult and co-founded vocL, a platform empowering responsible business voices.

Furthermore, he actively supports northern regions’ development, serving as vice-chair of the Northern Powerhouse Partnership and lifetime President for the North West Business Leadership Team.

The business adviser’s influence extends beyond the boardroom, as he engages with his audience through social media platforms like Instagram and X (formerly known as Twitter).

Through these channels, he shares insights into his professional endeavors alongside glimpses into his personal life, often featuring his husband and their beloved pet dog.

Juergen Maier Age

Born on January 12, 1964, Juergen Maier’s journey encapsulates resilience, innovation, and dedication, shaping his pivotal role in British industry.

As of 2024, he is 60 years old.

His multicultural background, stemming from his German birth and British-Austrian citizenship, enriches his perspective and relationship with his husband, Richard Madgin.

Commencing his educational voyage in Leeds in 1974, the business adviser pursued Production Engineering at Trent Polytechnic in Nottingham from 1982 to 1986.

Juergen Maier Husband
Juergen Maier and his spouse, Richard, participated in a Pride parade together. (Source: Instagram)

Maier’s commitment to driving positive change has been unwavering throughout his career.

This dedication is evident in his involvement in various initiatives to foster innovation and regional development.

His journey symbolizes the fusion of diverse experiences and relentless pursuit of excellence, inspiring future generations to navigate the path toward innovation and progress.

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