HGTV: Who Is Mike Lemieux? Age Wife Wikipedia Bio And Instagram

Mike Lemieux age

People are wondering about Mike Lemieux age as his new series on HGTV just premiered alongside his two fellow presenters.

Mike Lemieux is a Tv personality and host of his show “House with History”. He is accompanied by his wife whose a designer, his friend whose a carpenter, and himself being a history geek.

These three people are passionate about the history of the houses in Plymouth, Massachusetts, and look forward to preserving and restoring historic homes without losing their history and originality. 

The “House with History” series shows century-old properties in Plymouth and for the team of history geeks preserving a home means preserving a history.

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Mike Lemieux age and Wikipedia Bio

Mike’s a well-known American Historian, tv personality, and preservationist. There is not much information about his parents. However, from many sources, we think he is in his 40’s and has a humorous persona.

The historian was born and raised in Plymouth, Massachusetts His father used to be a professional carpenter and his mother used to work at Toronto W. Burgess Museum.

Mike Lemieux age
The Lemieux and Jeniffres mom together at a round table on Mother’s day. (Source: Instagram)

Before Mike started starring on HGTV with his amazing team, they used to be normal people with a great interest in the real state and its history. in south shore, they restored and saved dozens of antique homes. Their work was instantly recognized by Jonathan Knight, a fellow native of Massachusetts and HGTV star in a series called “New Kids On The Block.”

Jonathan gave the Lemieux family the idea of having their own show. Jeniffer said Jonathan was looking at a property they were working on and was amazed by their work. Jonathan was staring at the farmhouse fixer show they built and said “You guys should have your own show.” 

They then made a quick video and started a whole series later. On Sept. 29, 2021, the “Houses with History” premiered. They filmed the first season during the pandemic however faced many challenges compared to how they used to renovate a house.

Despite the hazards of Covid-19, the “House with History” show was a hit. Now, the team is looking forward to releasing the second season of the series in April 2023.

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Who is Mike Lemieux Wife?

Mike’s wife’s name is Jennifer MacDonald. We can find her in the series “House with History” working with her husband and co-host Rich Soares. Jennifer is a professional interior designer and along with her husband, they are co-proprietor and prime supporters of Full Circles Home.

The lovebird has been married for a long time. Their romance started when they were in high school and we can see the romance and understanding between them in the show too.

Mike Lemieux age
Mike and Jeniffer enjoying their time together. (Sources: Instagram)

The couple has two wonderful children. The older one is a daughter named Karissa and a son named Alex.

Karissa is a General Dermatology and she did her Bachelor’s in Biology. Her age is unknown. The younger one, Alex is 24 and he’s working on United States Air Force Detachment 370. He graduated from Umass Amherst 24 in New England.

Mike Lemieux Instagram

The historian geek is a public figure and his Instagram handle is @ironandoilmike. As of today’s date, he has quite a loyal fan following.

 The home addict has got 312 posts with 2947 followers and 1365 following.

mike lemieux age
Mike enjoying his wine and work. (Source: Instagram)

The historian’s feeds is filled with a lot of old and vintage things including motorbikes, cars, and most importantly houses. We can see him enjoying doing his work and most importantly his life with his wife Jennifer and loved ones.

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