George Santos Race And Ethnicity – Is He Mexican? Religion And Family Background

George Santos Race And Ethnicity

What Is George Santos Race? is an emerging question raised online. The American politician’s supporters are eager to learn about his ethnicity and religion. Let’s spill out if the rumors regarding his fake family background are true.

Santos is an American Politician and member of the Republican Party. In 2022 he was elected to represent New York’s third congressional district.

Despite being financially backward, Santos plays in a million as of 2022. His estimated net worth in 2022 is $11 million.

In 2020 he claimed his total net worth to be $5000, and his only source of income was his $50,000 Harbor Hill Salary.

We can say that Santos made a fortune during these two years. He got an estimated $1-5 million in his bank account, a living space in Rio valued between Half a million to a million dollars.

The Republican Party member worked in finance in Florida and New York for seven years before his election.

In 2022, he ran for Congress but was unsuccessful. Eventually, Santos was successful in 2022, as he got elected to the open seat in the election.

In this article, we will acknowledge our readers about Gorge Santos’s race, ethnicity, and family background.

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George Santos Race And Ethnicity 

People are curious about George Santos’s parents after he admits to fabricating a resume.  

In May 2022 interview Santos claims that his grandparents “survived the Holocaust” as Ukrainian Jewish refugees.

His grandparents fled from Ukrainian to Belgium and changed their surname to survive.

George Santos Race
George Santos Race is a controversial topic. (Source: Vanity Fair)

He called himself Latino Jew and Half Jewish as his maternal grandfathers fled to Brazil from Ukraine to escape Nazism. He said,

“I’m very proud of my Jewish heritage; I’m very proud of my grandparents’ story. My grandfather fled Ukraine, fleeing Stalin’s persecution, going to Belgium, finding refuge there, marrying my grandmother, then fleeing Hitler and going to Brazil.”

That’s a story of perseverance. I’m so proud. I mean, I wish I could have met my grandfather.”

Politician George Santos became controversial after he admitted in an interview to lying about a particular part of his resume he used during his political Campaign.

The man openly accepted that he lied on his resume about his biodata and work experience, involvement in charity, property ownership, and education but claimed he hadn’t intended any crime and won’t stop him from serving his two years in Congress.

The politician said, “I am not a criminal, and the controversy will not shape me from having good law-making success. I will serve effectively and well.

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George Santos Religion And Family Background

Santos was born George Anthony Devolder Santos on July 22, 1988. Currently, there is no information published about his parents. He is mainly known for his political career, and his personal life is out of the public eye.

The Times also discovered that he had been charged with check fraud in Brazil.

Furthermore, no proof has been uncovered to support Santos’ repeated claims to be Jewish, to have Jewish ancestors, or to be descended from Holocaust survivors.

He has not openly disputed any of the charges. Instead, in a statement issued on Monday, his counsel stated, “It is no surprise that Congressman-elect Santos has opponents at the New York City Council.”

Apparently, Santos lied about 9/11 killing his mother. 

Santos has not disputed any of the charges explicitly. Instead, in a statement on Monday, which also featured a phrase mistakenly ascribed to Winston Churchill.

We don’t have much information about the number of siblings Santos had. Santos is openly gay and married to his Pharmacist husband.

The couple tied the knot during the 2022 election cycle, but no official marriage record was found.

George Santos partner
George Santos and his partner. (Source: DailyMail)

Santos’s parents moved from Brazil to the United States as young adults, where they met each other. They got married and started a family in the United States. 

Santos grew up in various places in the north Queens neighborhood. He went to schools in Astoria and Sunnyside for high-school study but needed help to complete his graduation due to his family’s weak financial conditions.

Later he joined Baruch College and NYU, where he got a degree in finance and economics.

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