DOJ: Jay Bratt Wikipedia Bio – Who Is He? Age Wife And Salary

Jay Bratt

Jay Bratt is the Chief of the Counterintelligence and Export Control Section, U.S. Depart. of Justice. Find out more about Jay Bratt Wikipedia.

Jay Bratt is the Chief of CES of the National Security Division. It’s his job to look over all the CES operations.

He is a decorated officer of the law and has been part of the National Security Division for a long time now. He is also the CES’ Principal Deputy Chief.

He was previously CES’ Deputy Chief for Export Control and Sanction. He had the responsibility of reviewing and approving all export control and actions prosecutions the Department of  Justice took in.

He is one of the most dependable guys in the whole National Security Division of the US. His professionalism is greatly appreciated by the States.

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DOJ: Jay Bratt Wikipedia Bio

Jay Bratt is known for his ability to handle pressure during a crisis and is often looked up to as a great and empowering leader by his juniors.

He graduated from Brandeis University and later joined Harvard Law School. He got his Doctor of Law degree in 1984. Thus, he has a sound understanding of the law.

He has also served in the United States Attorney’s Office as the Deputy Chief of the National Security Section for the District of Columbia.

Jay Brett Wikipedia
Jay Bratt with other DOJ members (source: GIR)

He handled counterterrorism, export enforcement, and other important matter at the U.S. Attorney’s office. He has profound experience as a prosecutor because of his time in the office.

The list of titles he has held over the years is very long. He has served under the Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement as the National Security Counselor.

Other than that, he was the Deputy Director of the Guantanamo Review Task Force, and Chief of the Litigation Section in the Office of Intelligence at the Department of Justice,

His primary job was to oversee the requests for the use of information obtained through the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Some might even say he controlled the flow of information in connection with judicial and other proceedings.

Recently he has been swirled around in a small controversy. He is overseeing the investigation of the case of former President Trump.

After his time in office was over, Trump was accused of taking classified documents while leaving the office. The documents might have contained information that can compromise the national security of the US.

Jay Brett Wikipedia
Jay Bratt at GIR Live (Source: GIR)

While he is investigating the issue, Trump’s followers have come out and accused Jay of being “unfair” to the President. According to them, Jay has some personal issues with the former President and treating this case as a personal vendetta.

However, there is no proof of any bad blood between the two and those who have worked with Jay have shown their support and vouch for his integrity.

Both Jay and Trump have avoided this rumor and are focusing on the legal procedure.

Jay Bratt Wife and Age

Despite being the highest-ranking officer of the law, Jay has managed to live a very private life. He prefers to stay quiet on matters of his personal life.

The information about his love life and marriage is totally concealed. There is also no information about his birthday and age. 

He holds a very powerful position and that position can also bring in a lot of stress. His time with his family is his escape from the stress and all the political agendas that he has to deal with on the daily basis.

So, we can totally understand the absence of any information on his family as he doesn’t want his personal life to be crowed by news reporters and controversies.

Jay Bratt Salary

According to GovSalaries, the highest salary at the Department of Justice in 2021 was 189,750 USD per year. The average salary was 101,697 USD per year and the median salary was 86,085 USD per year.

As Jay is one of the highest position holders in the Department of Justice, his salary is 189,750 USD. His salary is 86% more than the average salary.

He is a hardworking man and has climbed his way up to that position and it is obvious that he earns a six-figure salary.

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