Luisa Gonzalez Padres Origine: Esposa And Familia Etnia

Luisa Gonzalez Prades

What is Luisa Gonzalez padres origine? She is running for president of Ecuador as a part of the citizen evolution movement.

Luisa Magdelina Gonzalez is an Ecuadorian Lawyer and Politician. She held several important positions during the government of former President Rafel Correa (2007-2017).

In 2008, Luisa was an advisor to the Secretariat of Communication and Information Presidency.

She later became the General Coordinator of Human Resources and Institutional Development at the Superintendency of Companies.

In 2010, the politician Luisa took on the role of General Coordinator of the presidential Strategic Agenda.

She became the Vice Consul of Ecuador in Madrid, Spain, in 2011. Furthermore, she was appointed Vice Minister of Tourism Management in the Ministry of Tourism in 2014.

Luisa then served as the undersecretary in charge of the Presidential Agenda.

She also held positions such as General Secretary of the President’s Office and Consul General of Ecuador in Madrid.

Moreover, she contributed to her political career and became an assembly member in the 2021 legislative election. She represented Manabi for the Union pour la Esperanza alliance.

Luisa Gonzalez Padres Origine: Esposa And Familia Etnia

When her parents visited the city, Luisa Magdalena Gonzalez Alcivar was born on November 22, 1977, in Quito, Ecuador.

Later, Luisa grew up in the Canuto parish in the Chone canton in Mananbi. Based on her hometown, it is evident that Luisa Gonzalez Padres’s origin is of Spanish descent.

Mrs. Gonzalez is an Ecuadarian by her etnia.

Furthermore, she studied law at the International University of Ecuador and obtained a Master’s in International Economics and Development.

Luisa Gonzalez is a private person and always keeps her personal life to herself, including her marital life. She hasn’t revealed anything about her family yet.

Recently, She was designated as a presidential candidate for the eCitizen Revolution Movement in the 2023 early presidential elections.

She teamed up with Andres Arauz as her vice presidential candidate. During her campaign, Gonzalez emphasized her connection with former president Rafael Correa.

The lawyer, Luisa, has vowed to prioritize Ecuador’s self-determination in international relations. She faced challenges in her candidacy, including a temporary denial of registration.

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Will Luis Gonzalez Win The Presidential Race?

Leftist candidate Luisa Gonzalez and surprise candidate Daniel Noboa competed in the recent first round of Ecuador’s presidential election.

They emerged as the top choices from a field of seven candidates.

The tragic killing of anti-corrupt candidate Fernando Villavicencio marked the election

Luisa Gonzalez, a 45-year-old lawyer, secured around 33% of the votes, positioning her as a front-runner for the presidency.

Luisa Gonzalez Padres
Luisa Gonzalez is all set to compete in a second round of elections for the Presidency of Ecuador. (Source: Instagram)

Luisa plans to utilize $2.5 billion from international reserves to boost the economy and invest in public infrastructure if elected as president.

Gonzalez identifies as a single mother, animal rights advocate, and sports enthusiast. She wants to make Ecuador safer because crime has increased significantly.

She also talks about rebuilding a safe and peaceful country so people can live happily. Furthermore, she focused on continuing some of the good things from the past.

With more than 70% of ballots counted, Gonzalez holds the lead with around 33% of the votes, followed by Noboa with approximately 24%.

These two candidates are set to compete in the 2nd round of voting scheduled for October 25.

The choice between Gonzalez’s commitment to social programs and Noboa’s focus on job creation will shape Ecuador’s future.

Luisa Gonzalez is actively campaigning to become the President of Ecuador in the upcoming 2023 general election.

Luisa Gonzalez focuses on reaching out to voters and sharing her vision for the country’s future.

Her Instagram posts are filled with her consistently being connected with her followers.

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