Flint Councilman Eric Mays Wikipedia Bio Age Wife And Salary Revealed

Eric Mays wikipedia bio

After the news started circulating, many people searched Eric Mays Wikipedia Bio and his salary details. 

Mays is a convicted Flint City councilman. Although he looked pretty confident in his job as a councilman, the jury found him guilty of disorderly conduct.  

Eric started to gain public attention after his case was presented in the 67th District Court. After a two-day trial, the man was found guilty on serious charges, and Judge Vikki Bayeh-Haley heard his case.

The Flint City councilman’s trial and hysterical moments were caught on camera, and the thing went viral on the web. 

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Eric Mays Wikipedia Bio: How Old Is He?

Flint City Council member Eric Mays is a former community activist with experience in the field for at least thirty years. Also, Mays is the first ward Flint City Council member. 

Speaking of his experience, Eric is one of the most senior members of the City Council.  He has been winning a seat in the Flint City Hall for decades.

However, it is difficult to assume the man’s age because he does not have such a big celebrity personality.

But after researching some of his old files, we have concluded that Eric is 63 years old as of this writing. 

Eric Mays wikipedia and wife
Eric Mays’s vocal nature has made him famous politically on social media platforms. (Source: Flint Beat)

The man recently spoke with reporters following the delay in his disorderly conduct trial.  

Similarly, Eric’s clashes with other council members have fueled a trend of viral videos on TikTok and YouTube. His viral videos have gained at least 100,000 views.

Also, other account holders have used his clip from council meetings to generate dozens of likes and have been viewed by millions.

One of the TikTok account holder’s libraries of Mays’ videos has nearly uploaded over 100 clips of the councilman being arrested. The man was seen having loud exchanges with former council members.

After his videos went online, people strongly opposed and commented on Mays’ antics as bullying. They blame him for creating a hostile environment inside City Hall.

According to his GoFundMe page,  Eric Mays described himself as a fighter who fought for folks’ rights legally. 

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Eric Mays Wife

Unfortunately, there is limited information regarding Mays’s wife and personal life. The released information regarding Mays and his wife is only via a few TikTok videos whose verification is hard to track.

In addition to his disorderly conduct case, Mays hired Lento Law Group’s attorney John Fernandez to fight his legal battles and protect his free speech rights.

His attorney Fernandez said the five council members violated Mays’s constitutional rights. 

The appeal letter says, “Sometimes cash is necessary to win. We are asking for your financial support to win this legal battle.”

One of the members, Lewis, said that social media sites, including TikTok, ruined everything and turned into a circus. 

Eric Mays Salary And Net Worth 

It is not easy to track Erik Mays’s salary and fortune details, but one thing is for sure, the Flint City Councilman is financially struggling to fight his legal battle.

Flint Councilman Eric Mays
Flint Councilman Eric Mays uses his salary to fight his legal battles. (Source: Detroit Free Press)

Hence, Mays raised money from the GoFundMe Campaign, and the raised charity will be used to fight his conviction on a disorderly conduct charge at a Genesee District Court.

Member Pfeiffer shared via a message to The Journal reading:  “Mr. Mays pulled off this PR stunt to capitalize and profit off, a mere scare tactic to start his social media funding effort for his prior baseless lawsuits.”

In 2021, Mays had to pay heavy city legal fees due to a failed federal lawsuit. According to the case hearing, Judge Bernard A. Friedman of U.S. District Court gave a verdict that Mays’s salary should pay nearly $35 Thousand in city legal fees.

The judge also granted the city’s request and the councilman’s salary. Moreover, a few reports suggest that Flint Councilman Eric Mays generated more than $13 Thousand for legal fees in less than 10 days via GoFundMe. 

After his success, Mays says, “There are people who follow and believe in what I stand and fight for the people I represent. They see some of the attempted injustices.”

It seems like the councilman’s bigger-than-life personality became helpful in paying off in dollars and cents.

His followers and supporters nationwide granted him $13,000 in direct paycheques via his GoFundMe page.

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