Who Is Coryxkenshin Sister Aleya? Age Height Parents And Instagram


Cory DeVante Williams better known as Coryxkenshin is an American YouTuber who has tons of subscribers. The admirers and netizens want to know about Coryxkenshin Sister Aleya.

William, who is well-known for his hilarious plays through horror games, was recognized as the fourth-best creator in the US in 2021.

Cory started his YouTube channel in 2009, and he has over fifteen million subscribers as of 2023.

Williams posted a video to his channel on August 24, 2022, claiming that racism and partiality would affect YouTube’s review procedure.

He described an instance in which reviewers age-restricted his video of the horror game The Mortuary Assistant (2022), reducing his visibility and earning potential.
The YouTuber felt unfairly singled out because other films with the same topic were not subject to the same limitations.
The video rose to the top of the trending tab when a large number of other YouTubers expressed their support for it online.

Who Is Coryxkenshin Sister Aleya? age And Height

As a popular content creator, everyone wants to know about Coryxkenshin Sister Aleya and her details.

The famous American YouTuber has a sister whose name is Aleya Williams, who is also engaged in social networking sites, including Instagram.

Aleya has more than 1300 followers on her Instagram account, and she has posted twenty-two posts on her timeline.

Coryxkenshin Sister Aleya
Did CoryxKenshin catch YouTube’s content moderation team playing favorites? (Source: Tubefilter.com)

The sister of the content creator is also engaged in business; she owns Rolees_tt, which sells food and drinks.

As per her Instagram account, she is a student of law, and she has shared pictures regarding her course several times.

Although Aleya is engaged in social media platforms, she doesn’t post pictures and short videos on her account. Further details about Coryxkenshin Sister Aleya is not available.

coryxkenshin parents revealed

Cory DeVante Williams is a talented content creator and vlogger who was born in the United States.

Cory took his first breath on November 9, 1992, so he will be turning 31 in December.

The vlogger currently resides in South Lyon, Michigan, and as per the sources, he has a height of 190 cm.

His achievement of the Silver and Gold YouTube Play Buttons on the YouTube platform is another well-known accomplishment.

Black Horror Game YouTuber CoryxKenshin Has Everyone Debating Platform Racism, Favoritism ( Source: Kotaku)

Also, he has worked with a number of famous YouTubers, including Yamimash, LordMinon777, Muyskerm, and Jacksepticeye.

Unlike other renowned celebrities, he is also private about his personal matters, so he keeps his parent’s identity private and safe.
Once he reveals the details about his parents and their professions, we will include that information in our article.

coryxkenshin Instagram explored

The thirty-year-old vlogger has been able to impress a lot of people throughout the globe with his awesome personality and useful content.

He is active on social networking sites including Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, where he has been followed by millions of people.

As a result, Williams has more than 2.8 million followers on his Instagram account, and as of now, he has posted 292 posts on his timeline.

Coryxkenshin ( Source: CoryxKenshin (2009))

However, he has not posted anything recently, and the last post he posted was twelve weeks ago.

The YouTuber has not posted anything related to his family, but he posts pictures with his friends and co-workers.

He began his YouTube career by creating personal skits, which was a well-liked genre at the time.

Williams would eventually grow to enjoy horror games, and he started to gain popularity for the videos he published about the titles Ao Oni and Five Nights at Freddy’s.
He has been referred to online as the Ankle Breaker and other nicknames ever since the Ao Oni video.


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