VTuber Millie Parfait Face Reveal Real Name Age And Height

Millie Parfait

The people on the internet are curious to know if Vtuber Millie Parfait has revealed her face or not. This article will give you more insight about her real name, age, and height.

Female virtual reality YouTuber Millie Parfait is of English and Filipino descent. She is mainly known for her content on Twitch and her storytelling videos on YouTube.

The twitch user has introduced her twitch character as a sexy witch who loves to consume all the food on earth and live a comfortable life.

Moreover, most Twitch users are famous for hiding their real identity and only being recognized by their animated 2D character, which helps create curiosity among the viewers so that they stick around the channel to see the real person behind the screen.

VTuber Millie Parfait – Face Reveal

No, the youtuber’s face has not yet been revealed on any of her social media accounts.She has been quiet and private about her identity.

However, the video content creator had tweeted “The face reveal!!” and shared a blurry picture of her 2D character on her Twitter account under the username @MillieParfait on November 27, 2022, but there was no sign of her real face.

Millie Parfait face reveal
The twitch video content creator, whose fans want her to reveal her real face. (Source: The Unlit Cigarette)

It looked like the Twitch content creator was teasing her followers on her social media account. She still goes anonymous in her social media handle, and her fans are curious to know her more due to it.

Moreover, going anonymous for a Twitch user is not a new concept in the community, as many have not revealed their faces for more public attention as it generates more interest among the fans.

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Millie Parfait – Real Name and Age 

The real name of the video content creator is NIJISANJI EN. According to Biography, She was born in 12 December 2000 and she is currently 22 years old.

The youtuber had been active on her YouTube channel under the user name @MillieParfait since September 15, 2021. She was able to grow quick on her social media despite of keeping her identity hidden.

Millie Parfait
The video content creator who entertains her fans with her amazing voice. (Source: The Unlit Cigarette)

The social media content creator has been posting her 2d animation which is a lady witch with a black cat on her YouTube channel where she express her story and also can sing songs.

However, the creator has not credited anyone of her 2d art it seems like she is also talented artist and makes her own art where as other twitch user often creates there 2d art with help of other artist.

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Millie Parfait – Height

According to sources, the approximate height of the vlogger is 167 cm, which is 5 feet, 5 inches. She weighs approximately 54kg and has a healthy body mass index (BMI) of 19.5, which is considered to be normal weight as per her weight and height.

The content creator has not shared much detail about her personal life in any of her social media accounts and keeps all of the content related only to her professional life.

Millie Parfait
The 2d Avtar of Millie Parfait who describe herself as a witch. (Source: The Unlit Cigarette)

The entertainer often posts videos of herself cooking food on her YouTube channel and also does ASMR. She keeps her viewers entertained with her stories and interacts with them during her live session.

Moreover, the social media star has a supportive fan base, and despite her staying anonymous, they have always shown love to the Twitch user and respected her privacy as well.







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